A fashionable Tiguan with GLASSTITNT’s PEB.

Today’s car is a Volks Wagen Tiguan.

Our costumer, who is the owner of the car, had one thing to worry,

and that was the tinting that came already installed when buying the car.

Thus, he decided to come to GLASSTINT for a reinstallation.

As changing the film, the customer decided to

add some fashion to the car.
PEB is the film he selected.

Nowadays, tinting is not only about privacy and protection.

Fashion is the last key for everyone’s needs.

In fact, even GLASSTINT, a company that pioneered the Premium tinting market,

put in first place the visibility, and the heat blocking percentage of the film, but

also, added a fashionable option as a plus.

Isn’t it gorgeous?

Furthermore, the customer added the sunroof tinting.

The film our client chose is Shure.

Shure has a 95% heat-blocking and a 99% UV ray blocking.