The Beast meets GLASSTINT

We approached the Lamborghini showroom in Korea and after showing them our advanced skills we’re proud to have become their exclusive tinter.

Why Window Tint with GLASSTINT?

Vehicle window films should be considered as an investment since tinting a car’s windows carry a lot of benefits.

History Of Window Tinting Film

The concept of window tinting film can be traced to a long time ago. This was when it was mainly used to control solar heating in cars. Car window tinting film was found to be capable of reflecting solar radiation.

Why Every Car Must Have Window Film

Window tinting film is a thin layer of film that is applied to the inside of windows. The film is typically colored and/or tinted which makes it appealing to those looking to give their vehicles a touch of style.

Partners all over the world wanted!

The bigger you grow the more partners you happen to have. With trustworthy partners, a business will develop at fast pacing speed. Car tinting business is not an exception.

Tinting, Supply, and happy Customers

This weekend proved to be a major success for the team here at GLASSTINT. The shop (and our partners all across the world) was flooded with curious buyers looking to find a new go-to window tinting film supplier.

Add GLASSTINT to Your set of film brands

World is changing and car window tinting “world” is not an exception. As soon as following trends and innovations in technology and marketing become difficult for an entrepreneur.


Car window tinting is a specific industry, where once the tinter found the window film that suits his needs best, it is most likely that he will not change his choice for a long time.