Installation Disparity

Consumers nowadays conduct thorough research and investigation before making any decision, tinting reviews are more popular than ever

Choosing a shop to tint windows isn’t as simple as looking up a few places online and making a decision right away. It’s difficult to read through the advertisements: some places offer the “best deal at the lowest price” while others advertise “great quality in the installation”.

The outcome of your window tinting installation is going to end up either great or terrible. There really is no in-between here: you’re either going to be proud to look at your vehicle, or you’re going to approach your vehicle and see a lousy job, which can really ruin the perception of how your car looks.

In this article, we have provided some installation disparity in terms of a quality installation so on your next visit you're better informed about how to pick and what makes GLASSTINT window tinting film brand stands out among other tinting shops.

Choice of Window Tint Film

The suitability of window tint film cannot be generalized. There are various types: carbon, nano-ceramic, metallic, dyed and within those categories, you'll find the great, the good, the bad and the appalling.

In our case, we like nano-ceramic window tint the best as its proven to be the ideal type with a nice, light and stylish finish as well as offering great clarity while being powerful enough to reject heat and block 99% ultra-violet radiation.

Compare the rates

In the ceramic film range, although with a heftier price than dyed tint, you'll find a higher minimum of skin protection and heat rejection than other options.

Once you have got a basic idea of the type of tint film you want to install the next thing you should do is to compare the spec sheets of the tint films of the same quality. You can compare by IRR, TSER, UVR among others.

Inspect the tint film

Upon choosing the tint film from a technical standpoint you need to scrutinize it properly in real life. This is where most price differences would be understood as little changes affect the look and feel of the film, sometimes thicker, sometimes color, sometimes distortion, etc.

Ask the company to provide you with the samples of the films you have finalized and check if its quality matches your expectations. If it's clear, if it rejects heat well, you can also ask for heat bulb testing to see how much heat is able to pass through.

Check for the Warranty

If the company is genuine and provides you with a quality product, it will surely offer you a warranty. Hence, if you see the company that does not provide you with the warranty, just bear in mind, there are high chances you may get swindled for the quality of the tints.

Nonetheless, when the company offers you with the warranty, you should not blindly follow it.

At times, the warranty of the company may not include the installation damage and such other things that would probably make the warranty contract void. Make sure you read each and every clause properly. Our GLASSTINT Master Shops, assure a full pack warranty without any hassles.

Inspect their work

You may get the information about the quality of the product, however, ascertaining the quality of the installation is quite difficult. To understand whether the company provides you with the proper installation or not, inspect the work they are doing for their existing customers.

Ask to see their finished work or have a look through their social media or website to see their standards. It's important to note that you should ask for the best care of your car, protection while working on a clean environment does a world of difference.

At GLASSTINT we publish weekly updates of selected Tinted Cars on our blog and daily on our Instagram.

Other perks

Our shops are chosen for various reasons, but GLASSTINT’s PicoEdge is the most coveted one. It is a special tinting method that perfectly matches the film to the top of the car’s side glass. It is a high-grade method that gives a perfect finish making the car window look like an originally colored glass even though it is tinted and gives satisfaction to all who see the final result.

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