Difference between Metallic, Dyed and Ceramic Tinting Film

What is the difference between dyed tinting film and ceramic tinting film? What is the difference between metallic tinting film and ceramic tinting film? Maybe you wondered about this before tinting your car. Here we are going to explain the difference between these three technologies.

Types of car window tint

The dream of every car enthusiast is driving the coolest car around, they would even pay buttloads of money to achieve the looks of their dream car. But how about those car enthusiasts who are tight on budget? There are different types of window tint based on affordability and quality.


Dyed car tinting is the most affordable type of tint available in the market but it has the least quality among other types of car tint. It offers a certain level of UV protection, just as much to protect the drivers inside. It also has an opaque appearance which is suitable for increasing privacy. However, it fades over time and needs to be maintained


Metalized car tint works by reflecting UV rays due to its numerous tiny metallic bits embedded in the film. Due to this reason, it has a high UV protection capabilities. It also reinforces the window’s integrity due to its metallic bits present and is scratch resistant as well. The downside of this type is it blocks certain types of signals which may interfere with your navigation and communication.


Ceramic window tint is a relatively new addition to the different types of car tint, ceramic is the highest quality among the others. It is proven and tested to offer the best qualities available, albeit quite expensive. It offers high UV protection without decreasing visibility and does not interfere with signals necessary for the car’s electronics. GLASSTINT Pender is a ceramic window tint film that behaves better than other films even though it is an entry-level film.

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