Shure X – A Premium Ceramic Film

Window tinting film has made life easier and better, important functions like protecting you from skin surface cancer and ultra-violet rays.

Car tinting film acts as an intermediary between the outside world and its element while you get to enjoy comfort.

It is a good investment to have a professional car window tinting shop.
GLASSTINT is here give you that professional window tinting film both in-car tinting film supply and installation.

Here at GLASSTINT, we were a privilege to work on a model car by our highly trained and experienced auto window tinting film technicians. The focus of the job was to install GLASSTINT film on the windshield and side windows.

After thorough deliberation and analysis of the car tinting film price, we reached a consensus with the client to use GLASSTINT Shure X 32 for the windshield and GLASSTINT Shure X 12 for the side windows.

Auto window tinting does not just serve for aesthetic appeal alone, the film must be of high quality and must be properly installed – This is why you should start using GLASSTINT.

What are the specs of GLASSTINT X Car tinting film?

GLASSTINT Shure X is a ceramic window tinting film that helps to reduce the internal temperatures of a vehicle (high level of Total Solar Energy Rejection). It also has a high construction quality index and is made of cyanide, which ensures that the tint remains crystal clear.

The price is on a high scale, however, It is one of the best window tint films that we supply here at GLASSTINT. All our ceramic window film products sell for a higher price due to their modernized, highly-effective qualities.

It helps to improve the fuel efficiency and work output of a car, and at the same time, keeping it warm without losing heat. Read more on GLASSTINT Shure X.


With much diligence and careful cross-checking to ensure the window film has been properly installed, Our client was satisfied with our installation, paid our bills and drove off. You want to know more about our installation.


We would be glad to supply you with our films, we are always ready to meet your needs. Check out our global partners to find the distributor nearest to you.