What each product line does for you

Car window tinting is a specific industry, where once the tinter found the window film that suits his needs best, it is most likely that he will not change his choice for a long time.

Film Comparison

Here at GLASSTINT, we offer majorly ceramic tinting film products. Our window tinting films are available in a wide selection of options.

We want to be sure that you get a film that incorporates everything you want for your vehicle. We have a number of tinting films that meet different needs and meet different budget limits.

Whether you are looking for a clear windshield tint that filters out UV rays, or a privacy shield tinted window film - We’ve got tinting films that will meet your needs.

To make easy product comparison, we created a section on the All Products page so you can see each product file with its specifications.


GLASSTINT Optic W has a clear film effect that makes driving enjoyable for you and your passengers. It protects skin and upholstery and as well keeps heat out. It looks black for long years and has no bubbles, dust, holes, or stretch marks. It makes your car look good and the PicoEdge tinting makes the film looks like part of the window.

GLASSTINT Pender window tint

GLASSTINT Pender ceramic tinting film is different from other standard window tinting films. It has super lux optical coating technology that transmits light in a straight direction. The intensive inorganic processing method can maintain the performance of semi-permanent color. The inside reflection of the interior is reduced remarkably. We have three variants of Pender tinting film - Pender 35, 15, 5 and 50.

GLASSTINT Rode window tint

GLASSTINT Rode is a nano-ceramic film that has an excellent heat-shielding effect and non-altering property. The addition of high-density fabric and super lux optical coatings. It is a high-performance film that reduces the indoor temperature of the vehicle. It demonstrates an outstanding solar array control function. We have four variants of Rode tinting film: Rode 50, 35, 15 and 5.

GLASSTINT Shure X window tint

GLASSTINT Shure X window tinting film is delicate enough to feel like part of the glass. It has a better tinting speed and construction quality index. The products are in two variants - Shure X 32 and Shure X 12. The major difference is in their total solar energy rejection and visible light transmittance. Shure X 32 has a TSER of 58% and a VLT of 32% while Shure X 12 has a TSER of 65% and a VLT of 12%.

GLASSTINT Sunset window tint

GLASSTINT Sunset window tint is a new addition to our catalog. It is a reflective film that sends heat away well while ensuring that your automobile looks good and classy. It has a special window tint film feature known as a mirror effect and is capable of improving vision during night driving.

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