We are looking for professional Korea K-beauty trainer!!!
Administrators 2017-01-16 02:05

Eyedrow int.

Right now are looking for Korean Royal Maters to Invade As training market together!

Recently Eyedrow int. is under negotiation with China beauty brand chain in Nanjing, China,

Looking for the cooperation of setting up a China-Korea beauty training academy chain.

As a result, towards Korea area, we are looking for experienced, professional K-beauty operator and trainers. 

which among Micro-blading, Nail-art, Make-up, and Skin-care area. whose should contain years of training and operation background 

Please don't hesitate to sent your resume or contact us through Kakaotalk

Time: Jun. 16th - Feb. 20th 2017

Application method: Kakaotalk - @아이드로아카데미, or call -82-10-9800-5184

Email Application:

Application Documents as below: 

- Resume( should contain years of experience, Photos, Activities photos, After-before photos)

- As the case of Micro-blading trainer application, Please using Embo or digital machine, draw 4 of your most confident eyebrow patterns on  training leatheroid
- Please identify your characteristics in micro-blading operation and training skills in resume.

Application area: Micro blading, Nail-are, Skin-care, Makeup.

Qualification:  At least 3 years of experience in areas above, include working in shops or freelancing.

Interview Place: Eyedrow Academy (34-30, Samsong Dong, Gangnam Gu  )

Interview process: Kakaotalk question - Email your resume - Interview notification and processing interview  - Final Notification