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EYEDROW, the permanent makeup school, trains Geng who want to be an artist of semi-permanent makeup in the professional course

2017-04-14 01:35

2017-04-14 01:35

EYEDROW, the permanent makeup school, trains Geng who want to be an artist of semi-permanent makeup

Geng was the successful career woman who has been in Korea for 5 years. She has worked in the trading company for 5 years.

When she visited us, she was so passionate and challengeable. All she wants to do was to launch and run her own business of beauty studio of microblading and permanent makeup.

For several years, she thought that the business of permanent makeup keeps growing.


She wanted to be trained by the professional teacher at the best school so she decided to come to the Eyedrow permanent makeup school in Seoul Korea.



Geng tried really hard to get knowledge and skills from the Eyedrow teacher. She learnt of basic theory of skin and pigment.

Of course hygiene was so important she told. How to use pigment, hot to make the right color that matches well to the color of face. She said “Everything I learn here is so important. It will help to run my beauty studio.”



She concentrated a lot for practical procedure with micro blade and machine. She wanted to get used to using many tools for her experience.



5 days passed so fast but she enjoyed learning skills. Especially she was joy to establish with other student who was in the same class. “It is also important to know someone to have a link for my business. It is important as much as learning skills.”



When she wants to visit back us, she is able to come. Eyedrow keep her focusing on studying about running business.

Now she is considering making a partnership with Eyedrow. She also practices using tools and machines not to forget.


Eyedrow Permanent Makeup Academy has integrated Korean semi-permanent design concept and

German cutting-edge semi-permanent technologies and provided characteristic, systematic and customized training services for trainees around the world.

Meanwhile, through training content integrated with brand concept,

all the graduates can enjoy the support from Eyedrow Brand during their independent procedures.

All instructors from Eyedrow Permanent Makeup Academy

are master instructors in beauty industry with years of experience in cosmetic operation and domestic & international instruction.

Eyedrow’s outstanding instructor team will serve each friend committed to becoming Eyedrowist in cordial and strict teaching attitudes.