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Vol2 Frequent questions from wannabe DROWRIST of EYEDROW, the academy of semi-permanent makeup and eyebrows microblading

2017-10-25 21:50

2017-10-25 21:50

Frequent question that be asked for permanent makeup artist

Comes back with questions the trainees ask us a lot! I selected a few questions I hope it'd be helpful.

EYEDROW makeup academy has a lot of students from whole world. So, for someone, it might be difficult not to be stranger when they come to Korea.

We always effort to help them.

Now let see what questions we have! 



1."Where is the location of the academy?"


Huamdong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. Because this place is in a tourist terretory, there are many lodgings with reasonable price. 

Also it's very calm and quiet so you can perfectly concentrate to study.


2. "How do I get lodgings?"

We try hard to provide you the enviroment to focus on the study. I send you the list of accomodations via email. If it is difficult to have one, we help you to do so.

Do not hesitate to ask us for help!



3. "How much does it cost for a class?"

Every class of EYEDROW has the fixed price. You can easily check it vai website that you are looking at now.

Please check them and let you know it is adequet for you!