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Eyedrow's journal of permanent makeup artistic and microblading class in 2017 with passionate students

2017-10-31 04:23

2017-10-31 04:23

Eyedrow's journal of permanent makeup artistic and microblading class in 2017 with passionate studen

New students from Hong Kong has arrived for the new class. They inspired us with confidence bearing and challengable mind.

Those six people visited Seoul with specific purpose that apply the semi-permanent class of Eyedrow.

I want to see what they have done, what they have accomplished.



The students already finished their study as a makeup artist at the pro-beauty job training school in China. I took it people eventually admit the skill of Eyedrow's permanent makeup!

They were particulary interested in using digital machine, micro-blade and injention of pigment. Lip-lining, eye-lining, hair-lining were also in the category of thier study.

Usage of a micro blade and combination skills of Korea are already famous.  



This is Eyedrow class room. All kind of supply for training makeup skills are already ready.

You can see the digital machine, microblade and pigment.

In the first day, you will learn the basic theory of semi permanent makeup. How to use machines, how to do pigmentation and how to design the shape of eyebrows also contains.

Although it is only for a theory class, you need to see how the tools work.



Eyedrow also teaches you the knowledge of hygiene and law.

We open seminars sometimes to share a information and trend of the makeup tide so do not miss it!





After finish the first class, you will learn how to adjust the theory practically. You will design which eyebrows that suits on which face.

The pigmentation is tricky because its color changes after injection. Several things are hard to understand so you need an actual practice.



Do you approximately understand how to do a makeup adequately? Then you will do practice with a model.

It’s really important because the experience of practice will help you when you do a semi-permanent makeup. Eyedrow offers an opportunity of actual using tools.  



I hope this story helps you who begins carrer as a makeup artist. 

Thanks for reading!