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Eyedrow Academy semi-permanent makeup class A to Z

2017-11-02 02:14

2017-11-02 02:14

Eyedrow Academy semi-permanent makeup class A to Z

Eyedrow Academy semi-permanent makeup class A to Z!

Seoul, as you know, has located the top of the world beauty industry which has the value size of 5 trillion dollars. The size is even getting bigger in Latin America, Middle East and South-east Asia. But Asian-Pacific still has the biggest part of it.



Now all of us understand why Eyedrow permanent makeup Academy has so many visitors! This time I’m going to show you everything about visiting us. A lot of student has a problem when they try to come in the first time. They are clever students so they understand the class very well but Seoul is big and complex city so they sometimes faces difficult. This is the purpose of this post.



  1. accommodation



Most of students get their stay by themselves or we help them to do. The accommodation with reasonable price -between 30 and 40 dollars- located close to Eyedrow academy. We help people who can’t speak Korean to do it.


  1. Class level 1 Basic course of permanent makeup certificate



Most of Eyedrow classes have the 5 days curriculum. Level 1 class is the core that teaches you basic and essential skills and theory which all students need. Even though a person wants to be teachers or CEO of shop, they take the basic class certification because it is essential and popular.


Basic theory

Permanent makeup artist need to understand theories such as, using digital machine, needle, pigmentation, hygiene, law. These are all the essential and basic knowledge.


Application and Practical technic



After all basic theory class, you will be taught how to use machines and design shape of eyebrows. Pigmentation is also important because its color is changed when you inject it in to skins. Eye lining, lip lining is included also.


After class



After class, we try to keep support you. For the people who want a job, we send you the information of interviewing. People those want to run own studio, we also help with business partnership.


Brand value number 1 Eyedrow support your dream.