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What is the permanent makeup? How it goes in future?

2017-11-07 02:03

2017-11-07 02:03

What is the permanent makeup? How it goes in future?

What is the permanent makeup?



Eyedrow academy is the best permanent makeup academy in Seoul Korea. Korea is the one on countries that is fiercely competitive so appearance is one of the points that you can show it to people as benefit. It’s not only for beauty but also social purpose. This point of view gets the beauty market bigger than before.

Semi-permanent makeup skill is now using for medical purpose such as, scar camouflage, procedure of discoloration. Experts predict that the skills of permanent makeup and pigmentation eventually get more progress. To prepare, we obviously get to know about it.



Human skin is made up with several layers. The layer places outside is the epidermis. The skin layer inside, you call it corium. Tattooist uses tools as deep as the corium layer so the tattoo goes permanently. That is what different between semi-permanent makeup and tattoo.



Eyedrow technic: Digital stitch.

Eyedrow teachs the skill, that you are able to micro-blade on very thin surface of epidermis. It lightens the burden of your skin. Also pigmentation goes for 3~4 years.



Eyedrow’s special pigmentation

Eyedrow’s qualified pigment is authorized national and follows the ResAP2008 of EU. It based on German skill. 100 percent of vegan source makes it so stable and safe. Good for your skin without side effect.



The range of the skill using adaptation

Most of people think the micro blading skill usually uses for the beauty purpose like eyebrows or eye and lip-lining. Did you know that it also can be used for medical reason? The part of skin that is easily discolored is in the range of the micro-blading skill range of application. Micro-blading skill will use in so many part in future.