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Audi A6, what kind of glass tinting would fit? We recommend GLASSTINT 'Shure' + 'Optic'

2019-01-24 00:01

2019-01-24 00:01

Audi A6, what kind of glass tinting would fit? We recommend GLASSTINT 'Shure' + 'Optic'

Audi A6 is one of the representative sedans

of Audi and also a bestseller.


The owner of this car came to GLASSTINT

for a premium tinting that does not harm

the vehicle and its exterior.

The owner of the car chose 'Shure' for

the windshield, side windows, and rear glass,

and an 'Optic' for the sunroof.

This option is both functional and cost-effective.


We started the tinting process with the very best quality film,

and with great responsibility as this kind of valuable car

has been left with trust exclusively for the tinting.



First, we started with the masking process

to keep our customer's car safe.


This process that protects the exterior of the car

must be done thoroughly because

it symbolizes the start of the tinting.

After we manually cut the films

that fit in each window, we attach them to the glasses,

and the shrinking process begins.


As car windows are curvy,

we mold the film with a very high temperature heat

so that the film sticks better.

The 'Pico Edge' working method

has been applied to the side windows.

This method's genuineness can be proved

when opening and closing the window.


GLASSTINT uses 'Pico Edge' for all the vehicles

in order to minimize heterogeneity and maximize quality.

Unlike most tinting shops that take 1 to 2 hours to finish,

GLASSTINT takes 4 to 5 hours

to finalize the car glass tinting.


After a long time of hard work, GLASSTINT's premium film

and the technique used to work the film

came together as one to upgrade the Audi A6

with a more perfected looking.

< Audi A6 instalation details >


Windshield → Shure 40%

Rearglass → Shure 10%


Heat blocking rate 95%

UV blocking rate 99%


Non-metallic film / Super clear fabric


Sunroof → Optic 15%


Heat blocking rate 78%

UV blocking rate 99%


Non-metallic film / Super clear fabric

Shure's delicate midnight blue tone

shows luxurius without any additional dress-up tunings.

'Shure + Optic' shows clear visibility,

and relieves the fatigue of a driver's eyes.

In fact, clients who have problems with vision at night,

and many nocturne drivers stick to 'Shure' films only.

Also, both films, made non-metallic,

eliminate the radioactivity disturbance.

Thus, they provide a safe driving environment without stress

and easy to focus just on the driving.

Finally, after more than 5 hours of work,

the Audi A6 is done with the tinting and the final inspection.

We hope you enjoy a safe and exciting driving experience

with GLASSTINT's Shure and Optic.

What would you choose? A 1 to 2 hours

time consuming tinting, or a 4 to 5 hours one?


GLASSTINT takes a longer tieme to work than other tinting stores.

However, the quality is that much better.

If you want the best satisfaction for car tinting,

please look for GLASSTINT.


GLASSTINT Cheongdam Center

+82 2-6205-7027