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Catching up my Range Rover Vogue's latest car trend with Glasstint tinting!

2019-01-28 00:19

2019-01-28 00:19

Catching up my Range Rover Vogue's latest car trend with Glasstint tinting!

GLASSTINT is opening a new paradigm of tinting.

Orders for PEB (Purple Emerald Blue),

the nowadays trending fashion film, are being endlessly made.


Here's a guide with photographs about

what is highlighted as 'fashion' for a fashion film.

There is no word to fully express the charm of the classic Vogue.


Nonetheless, even this magnificent Vogue seems to need a little more of perfection.

Neither the owner of the car knew that the perfecting factor would be the tinting of the glasses!

This Range Rover Vogue's windshield was already tinted.

However, It did not make sense to have a tinting film,

with no heat blocking and with bad visibility, installed on the car glass.

So, we start with the masking process to be able to remove the film.

No matter the size of the installation, the effort we put on is equal.

This GLASSTINT's representative meticulous philosophy

is one of the reasons why people keep looking for us.

The preparatory process for a fashionable renovation of Vogue is finished!

Although the tinting process in GLASSTINT takes quite a long time,

it is forgivable since the best quality and sincerity is provided for the customers.

A new tinting paradigm that satisfies both fashion and functionality.

You can receive the same quality of installation not only in GLASSTINT Cheongdam Center,

but also in all the other GLASSTINT branches.

GLASSTINT Cheongdam Center