A tinting film that perfectly matches an Infiniti Q50
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A tinting film that perfectly matches an Infiniti Q50

2019-01-30 22:50

2019-01-30 22:50

A tinting film that perfectly matches an Infiniti Q50

Hello, we are GLASSTINT!

The car that visited us today is the Infiniti Q50.


The owner of the car told us how he hates translucent tinting films that show the inside of the car.

Therefore, he wanted a well concentrated tinting film.

After a consultation with the adviser, the customer decided to have installed windshield 20%, rear glass and sides 10% concentrated films.

GLASSTINT goes through a masking process every time before the installation of the film.

This is to prevent any contamination or scratches while during the work.


No GLASSTINT branch initializes a film installation before going through this masking process.

We finished masking everything from front to back for the Infiniti Q50.


All the protection products used in the masking,

are products optimized to prevent danger during the installation,  

as they are directly produced in GLASSTINT


No damage is caused to the vehicle. Such a relief! :)

After the masking, we cut the film that will be installed in the car.


All the cars that come to GLASSTINT are treated with handwork films,

to be able to minimize the surface roughness between the glass and the film.

The tinting film that perfectly matches the Infiniti Q50

has been installed to the already cleaned glass.


As always, we worked with a film that perfectly adapts to the surface of the glass

with high temperature heat, and the installation has been terminated with a delicate finishing.

The tinting film 'Shure' built into the Infiniti Q50 shows a high thermal resistance.


[Q50 Installation History]


Windshield  SHURE 20% (Thermal resistance 95%, TSER 60%)

Sides  SHURE 10% (Thermal resistance 95%, TSER 65%)

Rear glass SHURE 10% (Thermal resistance 95%, TSER 65%)


*TSER - The rate number of thermal resistance, UV blocking, and visible light transmittance all combined.

Shure provides good visibility even in a high concentration of 20%.


The owner of the Infiniti Q50 couldn´t stop expressing

how pleased he was after sitting in the driver´seat.

The car owner was given the privacy he desired, and a good visibility, both with 'Shure'.

But we´re not finished yet. If it's over here, it's not a GLASSTINT.


'Shure has not only high thermal resistance, and good visibility, 

but also the advantage of being made with no metals.

Therefore, it hasn´t got any radio interference.


If you are having trouble using smart devices, including GPS and radio reception failure,

electronic toll and parking ticket recognition error, navigation malfunction, etc.

How about a tinting film like Shure?

Now it´s time to go back home!


Thanks for coming, and contact us at any time when necessary. :)