To be sure, all SHURE
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To be sure, all SHURE

2019-01-31 03:28

2019-01-31 03:28

To be sure, all SHURE

Hello, We are GLASSINT!


Today a Volkswagen Passat came to get all de windows tinted with SHURE.


When choosing the film, the owner of the Passat focused on the performance rather than the price.

As a result, we decided to install all the glasses with our tinting film named SHURE.


Let´s checkout the installation process!

How will the vehicle transform with SHURE? ;)

This is a brand new Volks Wagen Passat.


The car itself looks great,

but the windows, which occupie the largest portion of the exterior, lack of something.


So, we decided to tint the glasses to fill that emptiness.

The first step was masking.

All the vehicles in GLASSTINT undergo such a careful masking.


We have meticulously protected everything inside and outside the vehicle.


Most of the protection products used for masking were made directly by GLASSTINT.


This protection can minimize the problems that can occur in the vehicle,

as it was made by predicting the risks that may occur during the installation process.

The masking of the Volkswagen Passat vehicle has been completed and the installation began.


First of all, an experienced professional measured de windows and cut the films manually.

This is because every car window is special in size, and this is the most exact way to find the perfect fit.

A squeezing operation was carried out so as not to create a sense of heterogeneity between the film and the glass,

and we matched the film and glass ends to make it look as if the glass was originally colored.

We used our 'Pico Edge' technique for a delicate finishing.

The windshield is a 40% concentrated showing optimal visibility,

and the rear glass is a 20% dark concentrated protecting the privacy of the owner.


For those who value privacy the most, what do you think about this combination?

(The windshield relatively bright and the rear, and sides relatively dark)

The GLASSTINT´s SHURE film, built on this Volkswagen Passat,

features a 95% high heat rejection ratio, as well as super clear fabric for clean visibility.


* Super Clear Fabric - Fabric made 2.5 times higher density than normal film.


Moreover, because it is made with no metal, there is no radio interference.

If you have problems using GPS, electronic toll, navigator, etc.,

you should check if there are any problems with the film you are using.

We hope you enjoy your ride,

and don´t forget we'll always be there for you.