Mini Cooper, reinstallation for a better quality film
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Mini Cooper, reinstallation for a better quality film

2019-01-31 04:34

2019-01-31 04:34

Mini Cooper, reinstallation for a better quality film

The owner of this car has received a car window tinting before,

but after various problems and inconveniencies while driving,

she decided to change the tinting films in GLASSTINT.

Before we started with the film installation in the Mini,

we went throgh the masking process to protect the vehicle.


Everything has been neatly covered.

We have meticulously protected everything inside and outside the vehicle.


The reason why GLASSTINT undergoes this process so meticulously,

is because this process can protect the car from unexpected danger.

After we finish the masking, we removed the previously tinted film.


we use a glass cleaner to soften the film, and take the film out film, carefully, with really high heat.


In order to minimize the surface roughness, only experienced professional manually cut the films. ;)


We cleaned the glass to attach the cut film to the glass.


We clean the glass several times in order to eliminate the sense of heterogeneity between the glass and the film.


After the glass was cleaned, the film was attached and thermoformed.


Through the shrinking process, the glass and the film of the Mini became one.

We removed the old film, which caused a lot of inconvenience while traveling,

and installed the 'SHURE' film that achieved both performance and dress up.

Isn't it great?