Which tinting goes well with a vintage car?
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Which tinting goes well with a vintage car?

2019-02-01 02:53

2019-02-01 02:53

Which tinting goes well with a vintage car?



Today in our store, we received a very special car.


It can be said that it's the newest old car.

A 91' Figaro!


Isn´t it cute?

This creamy car came from a long distance

to have its windows tinted at GLASSTINT.


Let's take a look at how we did the installation for this splendid car. :)

White pillars,

cream colored body,

and, of course, white wheels.

These make a perfect combination!

Simply beautiful.



It will become better after the tinting. ;)

GLASSTINT experts protected

this small and cute car,

so that it does not get hurt. :D

We, also, carefully attached the masking tape

to the rim of the window.


When tinting a car,

the masking process is as important

as the actual installation of the film.


Only throughout thorough masking, suppressing the inflow of dust,

and the formation of air bubbles, we can lead to perfect results.


The installation details according to our

customer's choice are the following:




Windshield: Optic 75%

Rear and side glasses: N-cool 25% Bronze

First, we start the installation for the windshield.


The name of the film in the windshield is 'Optic',

and its density is 75%.


Optic, is GLASSTINT's premium film

along with Shure.


It's an excellent tinting film that

provides both good visibility and thermal

resistance up to 81%.


The owner selected the brightest density 75%,

for the projection of the classic interior.

GLASSTINT always looks for the perfect

match for the customer's necessities,

by doing a visibility test.

As the bronze colored films

were added to the car,

they upgraded the classic look

of the cream colored Figaro.


The main goal was blocking heat (thermal resistance),

but see how, beyond that, the exterior looks better than before.

Even though the side windows were tinted

with a dark 25% density, the visibility is undeniably good.

The rear glass was tinted with

the same Optic 25% as the side glasses.

After the installation,

the Figaro looks much more beautiful

as we look closely. :)