GLASSTINT's tinting film completes my Mustang GT 2015!
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GLASSTINT's tinting film completes my Mustang GT 2015!

2019-02-01 04:29

2019-02-01 04:29

GLASSTINT's tinting film completes my Mustang GT 2015!

Today’s car is a Mustang 5.0 GT.

It is an exciting brand new car!

The Ford Mustang GT with vibrant color and figure,

will have installed a vibrant colored PEB film.

The installation of the film for the Mustang gets prepared

 with the 100% hand worked film cut.

PEB is a dynamic film that is thick and sensitive to thermo-formation.

Therefore, its installation process requires a vast concentration.

A glass tinting installation store made up of carefully selected technicians.

As you all know, the ability to lead the premium tinting market,

comes from the premium services that customers trust.


All of these elements are gathered to give a

touching feeling to all the customers at GLASSTINT.

Today, the 2015 Mustang GT has been on the stage.

An easy going SHURE for the windshield.

Better said, SHURE is a film that focuses

on the performance.


Non-metallic film : no radioactivity disturbance

IR blocking : 95%

TSER blocking : 57%

The front glass (windshield)  is the most important part of the customer's vision.

If the front is uncomfortable, it can disturb the driving.


Unlike the front tinting, which emphasizes the functionality,

the rear side is designed to match the look of the 2015 Mustang GT.


It's a 15% PEB PEBE film,that changes colors based on the angle,

and attracts everyone.

It can't be fully expressed with photographs and words.


If you really want to feel the gorgeousness of PEB,

you need to see it with your own eyes.

The visibility of the front is, with no doubts, excellent.

SHURE on the front side, PEB on the back side.

Isn't it a fantastic combination?