Mercedes-Benz G Wagon, a new look for the G55 AMG
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Mercedes-Benz G Wagon, a new look for the G55 AMG

2019-02-07 01:16

2019-02-07 01:16

Mercedes-Benz G Wagon, a new look for the G55 AMG

Today's car is the legendary G Wagon, G55 AMG.

Unlike the G63 AMG's bi-turbo engine,

the G55 AMG boasts a huge sound with a naturally aspirated engine.


The G55 AMG may be more exceptional than the BRABUS.

G Wagon owners usually choose the

most trustful company.

Therefore, the best option is GLASSTINT.


A meticulous masking begins in advance.

The first step is to take off all the old films from the car.



Now we start cutting the films for the windshield,

side glasses, and the rear glass.

The cutting went through a long process.

However, the installation of the film

must take a long time for a reason.

Quality is what we expect.

Look at its class.

It's not just a G Wagon, it's a G55 AMG.

A special car needs a special tinting!        

Thus, GLASSTINT prepared a premium installation with the best of bests.

As privacy is crucial, we chose a dark concentration film.

Especially, in the case of G Wagon, the concentration should be carefully selected because the glass surface is wide.

Depending on the concentration, you also need to consider visibility.

Each customer feel a different concentration, so it is important

to choose according to the individual.

A tinting for a pleasant interior has been completed at GLASSTINT.

The design of the Mercedes G55 AMG, G Wagon is unrivaled.

We, as GLASSTINT, promise a tinting that doesn't disappoint our premium car owners.