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Introduction to Semi-permanent Academy

2016-11-08 02:54

2016-11-08 02:54

.Introducing the best semi-permanent makeup academy in Gangnam.

Nowadays semi-permanent makeup

This procedure is for anyone, both young and old.

It's more natural than the old technology,

Not only the public but also the entertainers did a lot of practice.

Nowadays, I want to make it more natural than make-up

You can also make a semi-permanent makeup naturally like a real people.

Also, many women are worried that make-up will be erased when they are honeymooners,

You can make a pretty face with natural semi-permanent.

However, there are a lot of cases when I made a mistake in my semi-permanent makeup procedure.

If the person performing the procedure is not educated properly

If you do the procedure, you can not prevent the side effects,

Eyebrows can be really unnatural and strange.

Each person has different skin conditions, eyebrows, eyebrows,

You need to do it.

So you have to get specific education such as dermatology,


Understanding the principle of semi-permanent make-up, various eyebrow pattern training, design, technique etc.

We have a systematic and delicate curriculum.

Anyone who is interested in beauty and wants to make my fingers more beautiful with my own hand techniques!

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