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1: 1 VIP Beauty Classic Course EYEDROW Eidro Academy

2016-11-08 04:03

2016-11-08 04:03

Course progress

Hello EYEDROW It is semi-permanent makeup academy.

Today is the VIP beauty regular course that started this week

Students learn to practice and listen to lectures

I'll show you !!

The EYEDROW Academy matches the students'

Helps you reach interesting and challenging areas difficult and difficult.

From basic theory to practical techniques in detail

It is made up of a systematic educational system.




EYEDROW is for overseas students

I have a teacher who specializes in semi-permanent interpretation.

You can receive instruction without any hindrance



The instructor does not leave the learner by the idle ~

If you are an overseas student, you will not be able to study for a long period of time.

In the short term, you need to fully understand and acquire skills and make them your own.




It is a leather plate which the learner practiced with an eye.

Education Can you believe it on the 3rd day? ..

Embossing skills are developing very fast !!

I'm so proud and proud.




Get to know your digital machine with Eid !!

So far I've been practicing embo and grabbing a digital machine.

It was awkward and difficult

Follow me on education with Eid.

Now, I have increased my digital machine skills ~



Special gift for VIP !!
Children Digital Machine
Children's coloring
Crystal Embo
Practice leather plate 5 pieces
2 rubber mannequins
Semi-permanent subsidiary material


The best educational environment in Korea
High quality curriculum

Eyed Contour Makeup License

G) International Beauty and Health Federation



The Academy of Eidro thinks of the students' position first

You can learn skills easily and interestingly.

It is a differentiated brand academy.

When you become a partner with Eid academy, you can feel closer.