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Learn the benefits of semi-permanent makeup and make-up

2016-11-08 20:35

2016-11-08 20:35

Learn the benefits of semi-permanent makeup and make-up

If you are a woman, you will experience a thrilling makeover that you have experienced once.
The happiness is like a glass shoe of Cinderella
There are so many times that I can not last long.

Eyeliner that there is no smearing at all

If you rub your eyes once,

It is not common to go straight to the drawer.

It's also a problem with the iLine,

I draw eyebrows every day and I can not really be a highborn.

The more you draw, the more your eyebrows become

Repeatedly scribbled to draw the symmetry

It will be awkward as you paint it.

As is the case for semi-permanent make-up

I really can not help but hope.

Because of the artificial and unnatural nature of the past

The semi-permanent make-up

Now it's completely natural.

Comfort is basic and so natural.

The latest semi-permanent makeup,

More and more people are seeing the effect.

Unlike the old black color, the color has also varied

You can also choose a color to match your hair or eye color.

A big advantage of semi-permanent makeup

You do not have to bleach your eyebrow every month.

It is very convenient.

The benefits of semi-permanent make-up are really great,

Not all semi-permanent makeup is the same.

EYE KONTUR makeup technique

A feathering technique that uses a digital machine and expresses it naturally,

In addition to various pattern training

It helps people to identify different eyebrows and express more naturalness.

Compared to the traditional semi-permanent makeup technique

Depending on the situation, from the upper dermal layer to the epidermal layer

I use a technique that minimizes skin damage by touching.

Than conventional semi-permanent makeup

Less pain, safer and longer time guarantee.

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