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Beauty Academy for the convenience of students

2016-11-10 20:11

2016-11-10 20:11

Beauty Academy for the convenience of students

EYEDROW is a beauty academy in Gangnam.

EYEDROW has a good educational environment and advanced European education system.

It is the Global Beauty Academy that we introduced.

Priority of students

EYEDROW We will introduce facilities of our head shop ~

It is the entrance of EYEDROW beauty academy beauty academy!

It feels like a clean and atmospheric cafe.

In fact, there is a pretty cafe in the Academy interior.

There are various menus in the café.

As the students relax

It will be a space where you can talk.

There is a terrace for students to relax in the open air.

It is a classroom with a modern and simple atmosphere !!

There are 14 seats available.

Seminar or lecture room We can study in spacious and comfortable environment ~

It's the same as the actual shop environment

Things about coping with movement or posture

You can learn and practice like real life

The second floor also has a terrace and a seating area.

Take the students first

Custom Beauty Academy EYEDROW

With the best curriculum in Korea and the best facilities

It is a beauty academy that cultivates professional artists.