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How to manage skin with EYEDROW

2016-11-13 21:13

2016-11-13 21:13

How to manage skin with EYEDROW

Hello~ Sustainability Makeup Feathering Natural semi-permanent make-up brand. Today, skin care

Let's talk about basic common sense ~~

Why do you talk about skin care in a brand-new eyedro?

Healthy skin should be basic.

Because it is beautiful, skin care can not be omitted.

I have a clean and fresh skin from the time I was born.
It changes or changes according to management method and trick ~~~

You've heard a lot about anti-aging these days! If you want to postpone your aging backwards
Today's posting to the pupil sorting ~ ~ puppeteering ~ ~ I will do it!

You've heard of sleeping beauty? !!

The daily habits of the human body are very important. People who are not asleep faster than others

Skin aging comes.

Taking 8 to 9 hours of sleep per day is very basic.
Another thing is over stress, which is not good for your skin.
Once the secret of flower skin is enough rest and sleep

One important thing is to use sunscreen and other UV protection products.

Use of the product in skin care for good skin is essential during mandatory

SUN care Applying cosmetics does not mean flower skin

At least skin aging can be prevented.

Look at the case of using a small amount of sunscreen when you apply sunscreen products

No, you do not.

It is more effective to apply a little more than the proper amount.

The following is sanitation management. The necessity of skin hygiene management,

It's very important.

Many people are trying to solve with cleansing.

This too

Clean wash towel management, bedding pillow etc.

Anything that touches the face must be concerned with cleanliness.

Even to the cleanliness of your cell phone when you unconsciously speak.

Dermis and blood vessels are gathered in the inside of the skin.

Skin vascular stimulation can solve the root cause of skin

Please massage the blood stimulation. It's not difficult.

It's all about normal habits.

There is always a need to pay attention to the fact that there is a fundamental rule of thumb on the skin.

So far, I have introduced good skin-making habits and care methods that focus on common skin.

Some skin care habits and hygiene tips alone can help you with beautiful face and body skin

May be honey

Start from now on !!!