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Eyedrow special seminar

2016-11-14 21:34

2016-11-14 21:34

Eyedrow special seminar

last Friday

We South Korea eyedrow semi-permanent training college

on this day

Seminar on semi-permanent knowledge training

The event we invited to Dean Li Chengyuan and Zhang Zhiying Dean

Come to our love Zhuoer semi-permanent training college model to do once

Semi-permanent tattoo on-site training seminars




This is the poster of the two deans of our eyedrow semi-permanent training academy

Be very temperament of the two bar

Is said to be semi-permanent training of the girls

Are very temperament of the girls Oh ~






Come and take a look at the students come to watch



Before the lecture officially began, the ROK representative delivered a speech




Check the number of applicants one by one




People come to listen to the lecture




Our semi-permanent lectures are divided into four sections

Respectively by our eyedrow semi-permanent training institute Cui Yunshuo representative, Korean semi-permanent association Korea representative

Seminar directors Li Chenghua and Zhang Zhiying were divided into four topics for lectures



Speech by Lee Sang - eung



Dean Zhang Zhiying ongoing design explanation

Everyone is watching



Zhang Zhiying Dean is demonstrating the use of hand knives



Han  representatives to explain the concept of the brand



South Korea eyedrow semi-permanent training institute Cui Yunshuo representative is on eyedrow development process to conduct a systematic explanation



Seat seats full late people can only listen to lectures really a little bit embarrassed to listen to it ~




Our representative made the final statement




Before leaving, we will send a bottle of pigment to each college

Oh, worth a lot of money

Finally, a large group photo gesture loving good love
Like a warm family

Through this lecture

A lot of people have a deeper




understanding of our eyedrow semi-permanent training academy

As well as semi-permanent training for the relevant knowledge to learn more solid

We exchange experiences and learn from each other

Contributes to semi-permanent training