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China Qingdao Wang Wen's semi-permanent make-up field is announced

2016-12-14 21:17

2016-12-14 21:17

It is also the day of the birth of my drowister ~ !!




Hello ~ Even in cold weather, education continues !! I am a Chinese student who registered

3 days course in the second week of December Wang Wen from Qingdao,

China His dream is to open a semi-permanent make-up shop in China. It is a semi-permanent make-up shop opened in China. Why do you study in Korea?

Aha! It is said that Korean semi-permanent makeup is very natural It's already known that China is in a great fashion and is already making a fortune.

This person is also someone who has sought to fulfill his dream through education in Korea Eduro. Above all, it is an event of the future.

It is said that you have highly evaluated the possibility of many eid and invested a small education cost.

This student was exceptionally enthusiastic and hard work. It's a three-day course,

but after completing it, you will be at the academy and have three more weeks of self-practice!

You can also check your questions and exercises !!

Eighteen Royal Master instructors Skin physiology, Semi permanent makeup design,

Eyebrow design, Understanding of resolution, Embroidery technique called microblade

Various application techniques, eye coloring with flash, eyebrow correction technique,

semi-permanent eye line, lips, etc. Students will be able to take as much training as possible

during short classes. It is easy to understand and we are taking classes according to each student!

EYEDROW Semi-permanent Academy takes into account the students'

Even when practicing with the best environment and the rubber plate,

Practice with real materials and after completing

It makes it possible to make semi-permanent game confidently ^ ^

The semi-permanent academy

At the same time as registering, you will be registered as a partner (draw list) by Eid.

Students who have completed the AIDRO Academy can also check on the internet

After completing, we offer help for promotion such as establishment business or business trip !!



If you are interested in semi-permanent, please contact us at any time ^ ^