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Natural Semi-permanent Eyeliner

2016-12-22 01:01

2016-12-22 01:01

In such a cold day like this, Isn't it really hard to get out of bed and dod



During a cold winter like this,

We have to get enough courage to get out of bed,

then in a short time, we have to put on makeup as to look properly at work.



Eyeliner has always been a hard one in makeup 

Tricky and can cost you lots of time

Semi-permanent makeup eyeliner can save you from this trouble.



Won't everyone just die to sleep-in for just couple of minutes? 


Make-up, can make a lady looks much prettier.

even for some professional makeup artist.

they can make one looks completely different.


Eyeliner seems like a small, unimportant part. 

but it determined one's facial expression.

Make your eyes pop~and make you whole face looks elegantly。




As I said, 

Eyeliner is such a small part but determent your whole facial expression.


It's tricky, an untrained hand can easily make both eyeliner uneven, 


It include length, and thickness


not to mention if you happen to cry a little or swat a little.


the pinchy feeling that goes right in your eye.


There are too many details that attach into eyeliner drawing.


Can you remember how many times you have to wipe it all out and draw again.?

it's just too much time that goes right into the drain.




Eyedrow Academy has developed a professinal and different eyeliner operating technich 


10 miunts can solve your eyeliner makeup problem for 2 years.


It's natrue and custermized.


not only offerdeable , 


Fast, painless. 


but also aligent.


Make your eyes pop!

Semi-permanent makeup is a technique, 


that operating a digital machine and natural pigment 


with different shape and color


like a tattoo but with less skin destruction


and only last for 1~3years.




Eyedrow is using Germany technique and Nature pigment. 


Comparing with traditional semi-permanent makeup operation method, 


Eyedrow digital technique is much less painful, and with color remain ratio




Less painfulness, 


but for someone who's never received permanent makeup operation 


How much pain we are talking about.


There are lots of factors can affect the painfulness during operation.


Professionals of the operator,

customer's sensitivity to pain

the quality of digital operating the machine

and the proper use of painfulness cooling pit


but most Eyedrow operator or trainer (Royal Masters)

They can get eyeliner micro-pigmentation down in 10 minutes.


So basically Shorter time, less pain.



10 minutes of semi-permanent operation process,


In exchange for one to two years of convenience,


I believe that this account need not help me forget it here.

That all been said, 


We want everyone to know,


Lots of conveniences,

No pain,

No worries,

Affordable prize


Just try once and 

Let's have some fun!