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Golden ratio face type catching up

2016-12-23 01:47

2016-12-23 01:47

Introduce semi-permanent hair line and participate semi-permanent hair line course ~~



People are increasingly interested in semi-permanent makeup. Tens of thousands are introduced to beauty and makeup knowledge and information on blog. I want to communicate with you and share with you as well.

Where was the makeup started? It was the only way to decorate the body in the time when old, An aesthetic desire to be beautiful has been accepted as the most basic instinct of man. There are many differences between old and new makeup, but I think it will be the same to be beautiful after all. Furthermore, there has been a lot of development in semi-permanent makeup Many people are currently doing semi-permanent cosmetic procedures.


I would like to introduce you to the hairline semi-permanently. The hair line is the connecting part of the hair and the tip of the hair !! As many of you know, face type will have a lot of effect on beauty. Women now want and seek small faces and egg-shaped faces. Most of them are hair line treatments so that most of them have an 'M' shaped hairline and an egg shape. From the hairline of the full height of the face, it is visually the best if the height of the three parts which are divided into the middle part, the nose part, the nose part and the four lowest part of the face are the same. And the width of the face is five times the width of the eye. It's called the golden ratio.


If you want to be an egg-shaped face Hairline is ugly and people who wear hair every day For those who have no confidence in the hairline and go bangs Others who have bangs Those whose forehead is too wide compared to the whole face People with thin scalp hair There are so many opponents who are worried about this and can easily find it around!


Hairline may be a weakness because hairline is high and shape is not flat As well as the programming guys who always write their heads, more women than they think are stressed and they are thin. It may be from birth, or it may break hairline by later lifestyle. So what can not you do in this case? no,, Sometimes the hospital has a hair transplant or hair. However, the cost can be overwhelming.


Also, many cosmetic products nowadays are able to cover areas where hair lines are empty. It's a really good item, but it's easy to get rid of it like water


The hairline semi-permanent point: 1. It is similar to the hair color you have and can be performed most closely. 2. If both emboss and machine are available, it may vary depending on the situation. 3. The hairline semi-permanent area can be done naturally without being burdened with cost.


Usually in the academy hairline is easier to learn than you think. But the academy is different from Eid Facial analysis and design techniques and important resolution formula !! It does not train anyone to make it easier


In particular, there should be no recruiting for the student (drolist) Eduro Academy teaches responsibility and shares know-how with any drolist. When new technology emerges, we open seminars and benefit drawlists. I am looking for academy drawlists by Eid ~


Eido is the best service The latest technology The best education is prepared ~ Thank you all the time ^^