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Brief Introduction of Water-pin for Skin Management

2016-12-29 01:10

2016-12-29 01:10

Simple to introduce skin management in the water-pin technology commonly used


Today EYEDROW for everyone to bring the introduction of water needle.
Water-pin is through the equipment will repair the collagen, hyaluronic acid, PRP growth factor, botulinum toxin, etc.,
These medical skin nutrition formula into the dermis,
After injection, skin firm and white, full and moist.

The use of negative pressure in the skin dermal layer into the human body,
Due to aging and the loss of hyaluronic acid, collagen and PRP autologous cells, botulinum toxin and other high-end injection products,
So that the skin absorb and store their own weight of 1000 times the water,
Wake up cell regeneration function, to reproduce the repair of skin wither fracture cells.
In a short period of time remodeling compact smooth elastic skin.

Technical principle
1, vacuum negative pressure technology, unique 5-pin-type needle, tailored treatment
Water needle use of the unique 5-pin needle, combined with vacuum vacuum technology, so that the use of the same dose, the average coverage of each point is from the traditional point-like filling to fill a new breakthrough, more According to different skin conditions and needs of customers, with hyaluronic acid, collagen, botulinum toxin, PRP autologous cells and other diversified products tailored different courses.

2, hyaluronic acid replenishment, lock water, water storage

Hyaluronic acid: nourish the stratum corneum, repel drying;
Double hyaluronic acid: more than double the skin to lock moisture, continuous moisture;
Nano-hyaluronic acid: deep osmotic stimulation of ocean-like water storage capacity, maintaining each cell moist.

3, high-end injection products, while a large number of oral rejuvenation of collagen to wake up cell regeneration.

Water - pin technology advantages
1, non-surgical treatment, non-invasive painless trace
Water-pin is approved by the Department of Health medical skin beauty equipment, by subcutaneous injection of beauty products to the skin and soft tissue, to skin effect, non-invasive pain.

2, high-end non-toxic injection products without side effects, security, beauty
Water needle use of hyaluronic acid, collagen, botulinum toxin, PRP autologous cells and other high-end injection products, not only excellent results, and no rejection of the human body, no side effects, green.

3, a multi-effect technique, pulling tight hydration Lipstick one stop to complete
Shuiguang needle injection after stimulation of fibroblasts, collagen production, promote the absorption of nutrients, not only wrinkle firming, but also improve the skin dull rough, so that the skin elastic supple.

4, fast and convenient, 10 minutes full rejuvenation
Shuiguang acupuncture treatment takes only ten minutes, without massage and special treatment, pulling tight skin replenishment step in place, that is, do not go to hospital, does not affect the normal work and life.

EYEDROW semi-permanent make-up college is about to launch the relevant courses and the latest equipment supply,

Interested students please pay attention to us~


Thank you very much!