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How to prevent skin pigmentation?

2016-12-29 23:27

2016-12-29 23:27

Skin is a lifelong thing to do.



Good morning Today at Eduro Academy, we will tell you the cause of stain and how to prevent skin pigmentation among skin troubles!


There are five major causes of spots.

1. Ultraviolet

ray The most common cause is ultraviolet rays. To protect your skin from pigmented cells called melanocytes when exposed to UV light for a long time Melanin pigment is produced in the skin. When melanin pigment is produced in weak skin regeneration ability, pigmentation occurs, There will be spots.


2. Genetic factors

When a relative or parent has a stain, it is known that the frequency of stain is high. The reason why the stain is generated can be guessed that a certain genetic factor acts When a person has a stigma in a family member, Avoiding sunlight is essential to prevent spots.


3. Female hormone (estrogen)

Female hormones make women's skin beautiful, but when they are overused they cause stain. Estrogen, a female hormone, helps cell division and strengthens skin regeneration It is known as the role. However, this change in female hormones causes stains. Pregnancy, contraception, and changes in female hormones stimulate melanocytes Melanin pigment is overproduced. In the process, you may have a stain on your face.


4. Cosmetics

If you use cosmetics that do not fit your skin, you will get a cosmetic dermatitis or contact dermatitis Stains may be caused by ultraviolet rays. Because of various chemical ingredients to prevent cosmetic deformation, skin is stimulated It causes allergies and develops into signs.

5. Stress

Stress is the same principle as hormones. When stressed, the melanocyte-stimulating hormone (corticosteroid) increases. More than usual secretion of melanocytes melanocytes stimulate the site It activates the melanic pigmentation of the skin. As a result, melanin pigment deposits on the skin and forms a stain.


I showed you five causes of stain. Determine what causes your stigma and prevent it from now on.


The best and obvious way to prevent skin pigmentation Prevention. It is good to apply sunscreen regularly and refrain from going out when sunlight is strong. Also, apply whitening cream usually to prevent the formation of melanin pigment. So far I have been about the acne of skin acne, Although there are many curriculums in Eidoro It also contains a whitening management program that prevents the formation of melanin pigment Thank you for your interest.