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Happy New Year EYEDROW semi-permanent course full chase! PART. 5-2

2017-01-03 03:31

2017-01-03 03:31

EYEDROW course full chase, take you into EYEDROW semi-permanent course ~


Today we celebrate the second day of our EYEDROW semi-permanent makeup five-day course.
Our sister is also early in the morning came to college on the line to mention (BU) before (ZUO) pre-(YE) learning ~
This earnest attitude must be worthy of our young people to learn ah.
Open a joke ~ ~
I hope my sister do not hit me after seeing.
After-school exercise is to learn the most basic and most important part of semi-permanent,
EYEDROW semi-permanent make-up training college to remind you to pay more attention to practice oh ~

Today, in order to bring you real and realistic course is to move out of my Millennium antiques,
82 years of notebook, next to the edge of the narrative,
For everyone to do real live coverage ~

Then our lecturer came ~
First of all, to guide the lack of jobs in yesterday's place,
Really hands-on guidance ah ~ ~ ~

The posture and distance during the actual operation of the stage.
As well as the operation of the hand angle and angle of sight in the various matters needing attention.
After the operation need to pay attention to the matter of a detailed description and guidance.
The above is a summary of yesterday's semi-permanent eyebrows learning.

Today's course is a semi-permanent make-up in the eyeliner course.
First or semi-permanent eyeliner before the operation of the basic theoretical knowledge.
In addition to the introduction of the precautions needed before surgery there are a variety of facilities may be encountered in the situation are carried out one by one description.
Specific eyeliner design, as well as before we know, understanding of the errors.

Then entered the specific eyeliner design stage.
Differences between men and women,
A variety of techniques commonly used, and points requiring attention at the beginning of the initial treatment,
Commonly used methods are one by one to conduct a detailed explanation and practical demonstration.
Important thing that the second time: really is a hands-on guidance ah ~ ~ ~

Here what I want to say, although really is to write semi-permanent make-up courses introduced into the classroom,
But before that really did not understand that our lecturer will speak so meticulous ~
Perhaps this is the small class in Korea, teaching and VIP in the country with a lot of semi-permanent make-up course of the gap.
Really, really, really is a hands-on guide ~ ~ ~! . . .

Then there was a pleasant lunch time.
Vietnam noodle ~ ~ ~ offer a picture of the United States and the United States ~ ~
Here is not much on the map, the phone shot according to the pixel limited ~ ~

After lunch, practice time ~ ~ ~
Enough to see our lecturer is absolutely strong sense of responsibility of the instructor ah.
Practice time also let go,
Little by little without reservation to provide assistance,
See here is not there will be a kind of not impossible to learn the feeling ~
EYEDROW quality of teaching, is so careful and meticulous responsible! . .

Finally, semi-permanent make-up in the theory part of the pattern lip ~ ~
Including preoperative precautions, before and after the emergence of the sudden situation,
As well as the order of operation,
Are one by one for a detailed explanation.

Today's course is over
Please continue to focus on our content tomorrow ~!
Thank you very much~~