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EYEDROW semi-permanent course full chase! PART. 5-3

2017-01-05 03:46

2017-01-05 03:46

EYEDROW course full chase, take you into EYEDROW semi-permanent course ~


Today we celebrate the third day of our EYEDROW semi-permanent makeup five-day course.
Yes, every morning is always busy,
Therefore, EYEDROW relaxed and happy environment,
Breakfast and learning can not conflict ~ ~ ~

With the semi-permanent make-up course on the 5th into the middle part,
Mainly for the technical guidance and a lot of practical operation of the contact,
So the first carried out yesterday or eyebrow-shaped exercises and lips of the basic training.

Next, the teacher conducted a major knife on the manual.
Here we give you the basic knowledge about PCD.
PCD mosaic technology is the traditional basic tattoo technology,
Fill through the lines of the eyebrow fill step by step,
Gradually between the gaps one by one filling to achieve the effect of natural eyebrows.

The beginning of the technology is the natural type of this,
Subsequently, with the development of semi-permanent technology in Korea,
Emerging from the Korean domestic new eyebrow shape has gradually evolved.

So today's content is mainly on these two new eyebrows to get started and practice.
Come on, lots of semi-permanent make-up practices, practices and practices! !!!

After the teacher then eyeliner practice yesterday,
Today is the actual operation of the eyebrows show.

Semi-permanent make-up study,
Or that sentence,
A lot of practice exercises or practice,
In order to enter the actual operation to do the most fully prepared.

The lesson is coming to end.
Thank you for three days of concern.
EYEDROW semi-permanent training in this Thank you ~ ~ ~ ~