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Day of the gradation eyebrows results show

2017-01-05 04:19

2017-01-05 04:19

The impressive day of gradation eyebrows courses ~ ~ !!


Before the course starts
As has been described before
We are a one day semi-permanent course for Chinese students
It was perfect on Thursday, January 4, 2017
First to show you what we EYEDROW prepared for the course site ~

Opening it is still on behalf of nim for this course lecturers introduced,
As well as EYEDROW staff introduction.
Ah, the photo is the most right of me.
Written for so long article for the first time into the mirror ha ha.

The next step into our actual gradation eyebrows course ~ ~ ~
As a lecturer in our courses,
Is our Cui Minying teacher.
Is not completely beautiful ~???

Simple semi-permanent make-up and semi-permanent tattoo after the introduction of the theoretical basis of knowledge,
To enter the actual operation of the fake skin.
First, we first according to their favorite eyebrows in the fake skin to draw a eyebrow profile.
Then the teacher explained the use of semi-permanent machine.

According to the actual courses provided in the fake skin,
Specific methods, as well as the machine in the specific process of drawing a variety of alignment patterns,
Commonly used in several mechanical knives,
Teachers are based on the actual operation of the specific explanation.

Then enter the respective practice time,
With our EYEDROW College to provide the mechanical knife to just draw the eyebrow to fill.
The teacher is next to one by one for individual guidance and explanation.

We have begun to gradually get started ~ ~! .

Here to show you the best students painting works,
First statement, we are not invited to the spy Yo,
The sister is before the beauty industry,
Had seen the actual operation of the process,
So do better than expected to effect oh ~
Although the first painting,
But not look like professional look?

The next step is a real person gradation eyebrows the actual operation.
Smear anesthetic, eyebrow design, edge interpretation side of the operation.
The whole process we have to learn very seriously! .

Next is also a chance coincidence college just came from the United States came to the Korean-American president,
In the United States engaged in make-up and semi-permanent industry has more than 20 years of senior experience,
For everyone to share the experience of life and the semi-permanent status of the actual situation.

With the end of the exchange of experience,
Our day course is also drawing to a close.
The same is also representative to the end.
Although we are only a short day course,
The students learned something far more than previously expected,
And the course itself covers a wide range,
The actual operation will be carried out, so be quite a course ~
But we represent nim or for everyone carefully prepared a day of study diploma.
Haha, is not tall on it?
Photo Time! !!

Although this one-day course is EYEDROW semi-permanent make-up college on the road to an attempt to grow,
But also our valuable experience and in the future to conduct similar activities warm-up exercise bar.
EYEDROW semi-permanent Institute will continue to uphold this side of the growth of learning attitude,
Wholeheartedly for our students services.
We will be in the future regularly set up such a day course activities,
We hope that timely attention to us Oh! .
EYEDROW semi-permanent make-up college sincerely welcome your arrival ~ ~ ~ ~