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EYEDROW Micro-blading Course Full Process! Part 5 - 5 The End

2017-01-09 00:10

2017-01-09 00:10

EYEDROW Course full process, take you into the EYEDROW Micro-blading course ~


Today is the last day of Eyedrow Micro blading 5-day course.

Time do fly doesn't it?

The schedule that we set up for every student was tight and firm.

It seems like was yesterday that we pick up students from the airport.

and now we have to say goodbye

After one week worth of training.

We offered Model Class to every student at the last day.

In order to practise what they learnt.


Students got nothing to worry about

Course trainer will be their side guide them through every step.


The Model practice lasted all morning,

After lunch, we got the last subject of the prgram

MTS(Microneedle Therapy System) Class.

MTS is the use of physical principles to stimulate the growth of collagen, remove pore debris,
Wake up skin's necrotic cuticle and epidermis regeneration and repair function.

Through the MTS, can improve the skin texture, uniform skin tone and increase skin elasticity.
For the blocked pores, blackheads, pox spots, smallpox in India, sunburn, etc.,
Skin epidermal problem has a good repair effect.

This time our interpreter was model.

In order to practice every step.

and all the matters need attention

The Last period of every class.

Is based every student need, they can purchase all the product from Eyedrow.

With a great discount of course,

Finally, first machine of their own


Eyedrow wished every graduate can achieve what they wish for in Micro-blading area.

And now

Photo Time!!!!

A simple but funny graduation ceremony

Here's to put an end of Eyedrow Micro-blading Course full process 

We are thankful to every student that put their trust into Eyedrow.

Eyedrow will keep polishing our service, training process,

In order to bring a useful, knowledgeable, also fun program to every student!!!