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Eyedrow D.Studio_ Cheongdam-dong Fleur Nail Art Shop

2017-02-15 12:52

2017-02-15 12:52

Eyedrow Flesh Color Pigment Partner _ Daily Life of Cheongdam-dong Fleur Nail Art Shop

Let's take a look at what is like to be working in a  Nail Art Shop, 
Wait, Not any Nail Art Shop, it's "The Fleur" the partner of Eyedrow's carrier, which located in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.
In our mind, of course, we take "The Fleur" as the best Nail shop in Seoul, 
Although because of the partnership we have, we are forced to say this, LOL
But let's see some of the nonnegligible features of "The Fleur" and you can judge for yourself.

1st_ 17 years of business in Gangnam?

The owner, Chief Technician of "The Fleur", also the Royal Master Trainer of Eyedrow, - Ms. Lee Eenjoeng. 
She's been running "The Fleur" for 17 years straight in Gangnam. If you have a little sense about Korea, you will know the word Gangnam(Or just from the cheesy song from Youtube that got billions of views), is the most developed district, the center of beauty, fashion and economic in Seoul(even the whole Korea). 

Most of the trend in fashion, beauty, design area are originally come from here, the people who live in this district are not looking for normal, ordinary or even "OK'. In a word, you can find a pickier cus tremors from elsewhere. 

For a nail shop that opens and been operating for 17 years in this area? 
You can imagine how much effect they put into catch up all their customer's taste.
One thing for sure, a normal shop could not survive in this area for 17 years.
Is "The Fleur" one of the best? You can imagine. 

2nd_ Cause of her, "The Fleur" becomes shinier


"The Fleur" has been operating in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-Gu for 17 years. The customers of every nail shops are similar

Most of them are housewives, mid-age stay-home mom, or other beauty shop owners. 

But besides coming here to get their pretty nail down, all of them have one more goal - to take a break.

Nail, or hair, or another make-over kinda thing, for ladies, are the mood changes. But how? besides the pretty make-over of the operation they get, also most importantly, by talking(Or just Gasping) to the technisian~


The problem with sons and daughter, the quarrel between couples or parents-in-laws, or just some horrible person did a horrible thing at work. 


Without any frustration, If you are doing the business in Beauty industry, you have to take it all in.


Manager Kim said she really enjoyed this kind of working environment, working like the close friend to all her customers, this means working never get boring.


3rd, Is "THE FLEUR" any good?


Before answer this question, please imagine the place like Gangnam, or ambgujeong.

Which field with high-end, premium hair shops, beauty shops, luxury shops etc.

As the center of fashion of Seoul(All Korea)?

It is not easy to survive in such a place and only do "nail", without other services for 17 years.


Furthermore, the FLEUR also has a lot of customers who are the owner of hair shop, or other similar business in this area,

Why? because the best recognized the best.


Till Now, You may wondering what is the D.Studio that we have been talking about unstopping.

Let me introduce you the basic concept then,


After the application been approved and the brief training on the usage of EYEDROW's FLESH COLOR.

1) The partner will gain EYEDROW pigment supply and selling right. 

further more we offer a special-designed LOGO for every partner out there.

2) We will upload every partner's info on our global partner map, 

giving a major support for every D.Studio out there.

3) the last and the most important perk, every partner will gain the diverse information that shared by every partner all over the world, from all the regions, all different languages and from customers with different skin tone.


Interest in apply for our partnership? 


Please Check out our another blog: 

---------------Partner Application Manual----<-CLICK-------------


So Every VIP custermors or trainees in EYEDROW academy.

Please do visit our D.Studio shop - The fleur Nail art studio.

You won't be disappointed!.

Don't speak English? No worries, we will provide English service for you through EYEDROW'S website!!!