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Miss. Zhang, the girl comes all the way from China to persude her dream

2017-03-09 09:02

2017-03-09 09:02

EYEDROW Drowrist Permanent Makeup Program Trainee - Zhang Bowen


An animation movie that breaks the North American Box Office regard, 
gained 20.5 million dollar of box office just in 3 Days 
after release in 3,000 theaters in US.

This movie was produced under a all-Korean production team 
and producing team, The stroy not only shows a story of cute suqirs chasing dreams,
also represented Korean's gritty charactor.

As a young but leading industirlized and civilized country,
Throuhg South Korea's shot but colorful, arduous histroy, 

South Korea not only take a front roll in electronic technology, IT, 
but also conducted a world wide influence with K-pop cultrue.
Not to mention the big roll of K-style beauty playing in Asia.
Recnetly, K-style permanent makeup has been trending all over Aisa, 
even in Aisan - group all over the world.



This is a blog about a Chinese girl come to EYEDROW pursuing her dream.
We proudly present our new Drowrist partner - 
Miss Zhang who comes from Shanghai, China.


This is Miss. Zhang, the girl that gives a cold but earnest vibe.

It is not a easy decision that a girl would come all the way to another country

all by herself, since she can not speak any Korean and knows noone in this country.

So maybe we got to add "brave" in to her character.

How she got here?

One month ago, Miss Zhang searched EYEDROW's information online, 

with the help of our EYEDROW int. manager Grodon, Chang. 

We walk through every detail of the program she takes and this trip.

 She finally decide to stay in the RAMADA hotel, which is 3 mins walk from our Academy. 


After finish all the basic theories which include Chromatology, Hygiene etc.

Miss. Zhang got right into designing practice, 

The basic concept of every permanent makeup procedure is 

"Dots to lines, Lines to surfaces"

In order to draw a natural and artistic pattern,

It's core to understand and practice every detail during the subject of designing 

Human's face is not a flat surface, 

and also the thickness of skin from different part of the skin. 

not to mention there is all kind of blood vessels go under it.

Which is exactly why we need to practice on real human skin,

but before everyone goes there, 

the leathered practice is definiteness ECE ray.

The vibe, when someone's deeply focused on something is fascinating.

Hard working, another word can add to Miss Chang's character.


This is a corner of our classroom that is showing the pigment of EYEDROW,

Provent Red fading remain - Olive Lin

Our most popular Dark Brown pigment - Pop Color

For a warming and light brown choice - Gangnam Brown

For correcting old faded red brow - Red Corrector

For those who always doing outdoor activities, to prevent UV light damage on coloring, - White.

EYEDROW FLESH COLOR does not need to mixing with different color lines, One, or tow is good enough to bring out the naturalness of every procedure.

Mix with 3 or more pigment, may course unpredictable color change after a procedure.


So, one is enough, two is up to you. 3 is a big NONO.

In reality, everyone's face has a little Asymmetry.

It's normal, and the reason why lots of girls are struggling with makeup.

Find out the perfect spot and design a symmetrical pattern 

based on everyone's unique condition, 

is the most basic but core skill of every operator.

Imagine if after procedure the customer finds out she have to carry a pair of uneven brows for the next year.

That WOULDN'T be a pretty picture.

Every trainee of EYEDROW is beautiful and unique.


but they all have one thing in common.


The face when they focused on doing what they love.



Graduation Day!

Every graduation is a new beginning of another journey.

We hope every Drowrist not only can make a good career out of EYEDROW's unique Microblading and Microneedling technique.

But more importantly, Have fun doing what they love.

The Royal master trainer of Miss Zhang, Director Lee has her own Nail-art & permanent makeup shop.

To add an extra color on Miss Zhang's Korea trip.

Director. Lee gives her a manicure in her own nail-art shop at Apgujeong which she has been operating for 10+ years.


















Everything that's Bling-bling~


is every girl's poison. LOL

Every trainee that was trained in our headquarters,

will be the official partner of EYEDROW,

we will upload every DROWRIST on our international map, 

they can freely use our brand on marketing purpose.

Of course, Miss Zhang, our newest partner, will be on that map too.

We wish her the best.

Please visit, 

Cold but brave, enthusiastic, Drowrist.

Miss Zhang Bowen


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