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Whole Process of Eyedrow’s Formal Semi-Permanent Makeup Course Participated by Mrs. Wang, a Chinese Girl Married to South Korea

2017-04-12 03:08

2017-04-12 03:08

Whole process of EYEDROW formal semi-permanent makeup course – introduction to EYEDROW semi-permane

Mrs. Wang comes from Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China,

and she is an art talent graduating from a famous art academy.

This year is the fifth year since her marriage to South Korea.

She and her Korean husband had a lovely child after marriage.


Nowadays, as her child has attended the kindergarten,

Mrs. Wang decided to start a business with her friends after negotiation with them.

With semi-permanent markup thriving in South Korea for years,

Korean semi-permanent technology has held a leading position in global semi-permanent industry.

After full understanding of the industry and corresponding communication and discussion with her friends,

Mrs. Wang was determined to establish a semi-permanent beauty studio with her friends.

Establishment of a semi-permanent beauty studio requires the study of certain knowledges about semi-permanent makeup.


After thorough investigation and consideration,

Mrs. Wang finally chose Eyedrow Permanent Makeup Academy among numerous semi-permanent makeup training institutions.

On December 4th, 2016,

as the formal semi-permanent makeup course for which Mrs. Wang had signed up kicked off,

she formally embarked on semi-permanent beauty journey at Eyedrow.

The beginning part involved basic semi-permanent design of eyebrow styles.

The instructor imparted the detailed theoretical knowledge before the demonstration of the design for trainees.

During the instruction by the instructor,

Mrs. Wang carefully made notes and took photo of some important knowledge content as references for subsequent practice.

Afterwards, the course for practical semi-permanent design of eyebrow styles commenced.


Thanks to the understanding of such theoretical knowledge about semi-permanent design of eyebrow styles as previously imparted by Mrs. Wang

and her own artistic talent,

Mrs. Wang achieved outstanding performance and won praise from the instructor during practical design.

Through the meticulous guidance and assistance from the instructor,

Mrs. Wang finished the course for basic semi-permanent design of eyebrow styles soon and became familiar with corresponding knowledge.

After finishing the content about semi-permanent design of eyebrow styles,

Mrs. Wang moved up to next course -

course for ways to use professional semi-permanent makeup machine

The professional makeup machine used for semi-permanent operation is

entirely different from the pencils used for the basic semi-permanent design of eyebrow styles.


The instructor was always providing detailed demonstration and guidance for

Mrs. Wang at her elbow so that she mastered the methods and skills to use professional semi-permanent makeup machine.

Good time is always short-lived.

After five-day learning,

Mrs. Wang smoothly graduated from Eyedrow formal semi-permanent makeup course.

The representative of Eyedrow Permanent Makeup Academy conferred graduation certificate on Mrs. Wang in person.

After her graduation, we have provided Mrs. Wang the right to use Eyedrow brand.


We hope that her semi-permanent studio can thrive in the company of Eyedrow and she and her friends will have splendid semi-permanent prospects.

Eyedrow Permanent Makeup Academy has integrated Korean semi-permanent design concept

and German cutting-edge semi-permanent technologies and provided characteristic, systematic

and customized training services for trainees around the world.

Meanwhile, through training content integrated with brand concept,

all the graduates can enjoy the support from Eyedrow Brand during their independent procedures.

All instructors from Eyedrow Permanent Makeup Academy are master instructors in beauty industry with years of experience in cosmetic procedure and domestic & international instruction.

Eyedrow’s outstanding instructor team will serve each friend committed to becoming Eyedrowist in cordial and strict teaching attitudes.