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Konture makeup procedures in Korea will be conducted by an EyeDROWRIST who completed Eyedrow 's professional training, and the procedure is performed in plastic surgery or dermatology clinics mentioned on the website.

In other countries, the procedure will be performed in qualified professional beauty shops, and inquiring if their staff have Eyedrow training or EyeDROWRIST qualifications is required.

  • Get a personalized consultation.
  • Decide suitable shape and color, and design the requested shape with a sketching pencil.
  • Anesthesia (local anesthesia that is gentle on the skin) will be given to prevent pain. (Depending on the circumstances, anesthetic cream can be used.)
  • For dyeing using equipment, pigment will be drawn on the upper layer of skin until it reaches the requested depth of color.
  • For the last step, apply a care cream for fast skin regeneration.

The whole procedure will take approximately 2–3 hours, including design sketching time. Modification is available at least 3 weeks after the procedure.

After-care is required for a persistency of color, and the costs are usually included in the procedure fee.

Generally, Konture makeup lasts for several years depending on skin type and UV-radiation treatment degree.

Semi-permanent makeup usually becomes thinned from 2–3 years after the procedure, and Konture makeup can be modified or retreated after the procedure.

Avoid tanning, saunas, and exposure to strong sunlight for about five days (or one week) after a procedure.

Using an Eyedrow-specified skincare product is recommended since it can bring better results after the procedure.

Generally, the Konture makeup technique is also suitable for sensitive skin as it is very gentle.

Some skin reactions such as swelling and redness can be seen during or after the procedure; however, those are normal.

It depends on individual differences and sensitivity.

A pigment test will be performed first, and the pigment will be injected into the top layer of the skin carefully using the newest fine Konture makeup equipment.