Pico Edge Special Tinting Technology

There is a car tinting that provides endless satisfaction with only one execution.
It is undeniable that Pico Edge technology will satisfy each and every individuals.

GLASSTINT offers customized technology tailored to any vehicle and provides a more stable service than any tinting system.
The 40,000 vehicles applied with PicoEdge technology are our valuable know-how.

eyedrow microblading

Even for the director of a store that specializes in car tinting, it was dream-like to build a car's side window as a color glass. It is mostly considered as normal even if the end of the film the end of the glass do not match on the top of the side glass.

Glasstint's Pico Edge is a special tinting method that perfectly matches the film to the top of the car's side glass. It is a high-grade method that gives a perfect finish making the car window look like an originally collored glass even though it is tinted and gives more satisfaction to a demanding advanced vehicle.

The perfect unity of glass and film

Creation of scarcity value of vehicles

Registered as 'PICOEDGE' at the Patent Office

The best means of technical marketing