Special tinting method

Permanent makeup is possible with just one application.
This procedure technique is called Permanent Makeup

EYEDROW insists on using Germany's best equipment and pigments for a stable procedure.
These are much safer than other similar products or pigments. Customers are satisfied with EYEDROW makeup for its excellence.

eyedrow microblading

Permanent makeup Embo is a semi-permanent eyebrow makeup technique in which many precise incisions are made in the skin, pigment is added, and the eyebrow is colored. It is a common type of Semi-Permanent Makeup in Korea.

In comparison, the digital stitch technique from EYEDROW's Permanent Makeup affects at a right or acute angle until it reaches the outer skin layer just before the dermal layer. It minimizes damage to the skin and a scab falling off; therefore, it has been suggested as the most suitable alternative for making pigment remain stable on the skin.

Minimizes damage to the skin with consistent dots

Pigment remains stable on the skin.

Maintain the same color over time

Significantly relieves pain when applying makeup