Terms of Use Purpose of Personal Information Collection and Use

Terms Glasstint Global

Chapter 1 Generous Provisions
Article 1 (Purpose)
The purpose of this agreement is to set forth the rights of the company and users and the obligations and responsibilities for using internet-related services (hereinafter “Services”) provided by Glasstint Global (hereinafter “Company”).
Article 2 (Definition)
1. Glasstint Global is a company that provides a virtual marketplace for users to trade goods or services using computers and other telecommunications equipment. It also provides Services to its users.
2. Users are individuals who access glasstintglobal.com and acquire Services regardless of whether they joined as members.
3. Members are users who joined the Company by providing personal information, and these individuals may acquire information from glasstintglobal.com and use Services continuously.
4. Member ID is a selected combination of letters and numbers approved by the Company which is used to identify the member and protect his or her privacy in order to use the Services.
5. A password is a selected combination of letters and numbers used to protect secrets and to confirm that a member is the same individual who provided the member ID.
6. Termination or withdrawal means the Company or a member cancels a service use contract after use of the Services
7. Personal information is information on a living individual and it refers to information that can identify a person by data including their name and email address (including when identification is possible by combining information, even if an individual piece of information alone does not identify a specific person).
Article 3 (Effect and Amendment of Terms and Conditions)
1. This agreement will be effective when the Company shares its contents with members or users by posting them on a service screen, by email, or by any other methods.
2. If necessary, the Company may revise the contents of this agreement without going against related laws. Users or members will be notified of the revision on a service start-up screen seven days before the revision goes into effect. It will be effective in the same way as stated in Paragraph 1.
3. In the event that users or members disagree with the revised terms, they may request withdrawal of membership or express an intention to withdraw membership at any time. If users continue to use the Services after receiving notice according to Paragraph 2 of the same Article without withdrawing membership, they will be considered to be in agreement with the revised terms and the revised terms will be applied.
Article 4 (Rules Except Agreement)
If not stated in this agreement, it will follow existing legislation, such as the Framework Act on Telecommunications, Telecommunications Business Acts, Regulation on the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Use, and other related legislation.
Chapter 2 Services Use Agreement
Article 5 (Use applications)
1. Users who wish to use Services as members can register by filling out the required fields on the application form requested by the Company.
2. All the personal information in the fields of the online application will be considered real personal details. If false information or names have been registered, users may not be legally protected and will be restricted from using the Services
Article 6 (Approval of Application)
1. The Company will approve applications by registration order unless there are special circumstances according to Article 5.
2. The Company may withhold approval for an application if any parts of the following Subparagraph apply, and may delay the approval until the reason is resolved.
① If it is not affordable for Services-related facilities ② If a technical problem occurred ③ If considered necessary for the Company’s circumstances
3. The Company may not accept Service Use Agreement applications if any parts of the following subparagraph apply:
① If the name stated is not the applicant’s real name ② If the applicant has used another person’s name on an application ③ If the applicant has stated false information on the application ④ If application has been submitted to disturb the social stability and order or public morals ⑤ If the applicant had lost membership according to Paragraph 2 of Article 19 ⑥ If any other given application requirements are not met
4. According to Paragraphs 2 and 3 of this Article, the Company shall notify applicants in the event of deferring or denying approval of applications. The exception is when the applicant cannot be notified due to reasons not attributable to the Company.
Article 7 (Protection of Personal Information)
1. The Company established its personal information protection policy based on related laws, such as the Protection of Communication Secrets Act, Telecommunications Business Act, Regulation on the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Use, etc., which info-communication providers must comply with and implement.
2. By clicking “Agree” for this agreement while joining as a member, the Company collects your personal information based on the information you have provided. If you do not agree to the collection of personal information or do not wish to join for that reason, please click “Do not agree” for this agreement on the application menu.
3. The Company collects minimal information to provide the Services; however, additional information may be requested if necessary.
4. Personal information will not be open to the public or shared with third parties without the approval of users or members. The exception is when any parts of the following subparagraph apply.
① If approved by users or members ② To make the services of affiliated companies available to members through one member ID without separate applications steps, the personal information of whoever wishes to use the services may be provided to the affiliated companies (this also applies when the number of affiliated companies has increased after the members’ initial application). In this event, members may refuse to provide their personal information and terminate their use of the Services through email or other methods at any time. ③ If this agreement, the Company’s paid service use terms and conditions, and other terms and conditions including those for membership service have been infringed ④ If it is recognized that personal information should be open to the public to take legal action when a member caused another’s material and mental damage through use of the Services ⑤ If it is required by law in good faith ⑥ If it is necessary to calculate fees and to deliver goods for providing the Services. ⑦ If the information has been given in an unrecognizable type for the purpose of statistics, academic research, or market research
5. If any of the items in the following subparagraph are applicable, the Company may approve affiliated companies’ use of the limited personal information of members, including name, telephone number, address, and email address for convenience and to provide various Services. In such an event, members may refuse unwanted Services by email at any time.
① If affiliated business operators for Internet shopping, communication services, manufacturing, wholesale and retail, communication, business services, education services, entertainment, culture, exercise, or any other specialized contents or businesses intend to perform advertising and marketing activities via email, TM (Telemarketing), DM (Direct Mail), SMS (Short Message Service), or any other methods. In such an event, approval must be requested and obtained from members to provide their personal information to the affiliated companies. ② If affiliated finance and insurance business operators for credit cards, installment financing, insurance, insurance representatives and agencies intend to perform advertising and marketing activities by using email, TM (Telemarketing), DM (Direct Mail), SMS (Short Message Service), or any other methods. In the event of this, it is requested to obtain an approval from members to provide the personal information to affiliated companies.
6. Members can view, edit, and update their own personal information provided to the Company. Members’ consent to provide their information can be withdrawn (canceled) at any time.
7. In order for the Company to provide customized Services to suit individual circumstances or interests, the Company uses “Cookies,” which save and import users’ information. A cookie is a small amount of information that a website transfers to the web browser of a user’s computer, and it can be stored on a computer’s hard disk. Once users access a website, a server of the Company reads the contents of the cookies saved in the web browser and finds additional information of the users to provide the Services without additional input such as signing in. Cookies identify users’ computers; however, they do not identify the individuals. The Company uses these cookies to understand the users’ access patterns, use patterns, and the number of users in order to provide more convenient Services. Users are able to specify whether to use cookies by adjusting their web browser’s options. That means users may accept all cookies, get a notification when cookies are installed, or refuse all cookies. Nevertheless, users should accept cookies to access and log in to the Company and to use its Services.
8. The Company will irrevocably destroy the user’s personal information immediately after achieving the Company’s purpose for requesting and collecting the information. However, in the case of information being retained, the Company shall fulfill its obligations in accordance with legislation, such as commercial law, and user consent, and when the retention period specified in advance has not passed, or it is necessary for the retainer’s legal action when it is possible that a lawsuit or dispute may occur, the Company may retain the personal information for the required period. During that period, viewing or using the personal information is permitted only for relevant reasons. In the event that retention is required after the normal period, the Company will notify users and obtain their consent.
9. In the event that members suspend use for a long period of time, the Company may define a removal period and provide notification of it on a website screen or by email. If a member does not confirm it, the Company may cancel the rights of the member and delete his or her related personal information.
10. Personal information provided for a temporary purpose (event, survey, etc.) will be changed to necessary information to apply for membership or deleted permanently so that it cannot be viewed or used after its purpose is complete, according to the decision of users or members.
Article 8 (Amendment of Contract Contents)
1. Members may view and edit their own personal information on the information management screen at any time.
2. Members shall update their personal information online if any details given at the point of application have changed. Members shall be responsible for any problems caused by not updating their personal information.
Chapter 3 Obligations of Contracting Parties
Article 9 (Obligations of the Company)
1. Members will be able to use the Services on the day of application by the Company unless special circumstances arise.
2. Following this agreement, the Company shall strive consistently to provide continuous and stable Services and shall repair them immediately in the event of loss or failure of equipment. However, when the Company is unable to provide Services due to a natural disaster, emergency situation, or other circumstances, Services may be suspended or discontinued.
3. The Company shall properly address opinions or complaints of users or members if they are deemed reasonable. If a certain period of time will pass before addressing the issue, users or members shall be informed of the reason and schedule.
4. The Company observes policies to protect personal information which are proposed in Article 7 in regard to protecting the privacy of users or members.
5. The Company strives to provide convenience to users regarding the contract process and contract contents when entering into, changing, and terminating the contract.
Article 10 (Obligation of Users or Members)
1. Users or members should comply with the contents, such as regulated contents, Services use guidance, or precautions which are announced by the Company. They should not engage in any other behaviors that disturb the Company’s operation.
2. Members are responsible for the management of their member ID and password. Members are responsible for the results of improper management and wrongful use of their member ID and password.
3. Members should notify the Company directly if they learn that their ID or password has been used illegally. Members will be responsible for any consequences caused by not notifying the Company.
4. Users or members shall comply with the content use restrictions announced separately or in the Service notices announced by the Company.
5. Users or members may not conduct business activities using the Services without the Company’s prior approval, and the Company will not be held responsible for the results caused by those activities or infringement of the agreement. If the Company has suffered damages caused by those business activities, users or members shall be responsible for the compensation for the damage.
6. Users or members may not transfer or give their right to use the Services and position to others without the Company’s explicit approval. They may also not provide them as collateral.
7. In regard to their use of the Services, users or members shall not perform any of the actions in the following subparagraph.
① Acts of using the member ID, password, email address, etc. of other members ② Acts of duplicating, publishing, broadcasting, or providing information taken from the Services to third parties for purposes other than for use as users or members ③ Acts of distributing by post, email, or any other methods that infringe others’ patents, trademarks, confidential business information, copyrights, or any other intellectual property rights ④ Acts of distributing, posting, or emailing of information, phrases, figures, etc. that contain vulgar or pornographic contents against public order and public morals ⑤ Acts of distributing insulting or threatening content that infringes upon other members’ privacy by sending, posting, emailing, or any other methods ⑥ Acts of hacking, distributing viruses, or transmitting certain contents against others’ wishes, such as advertising information ⑦ If contents have been posted, registered, or emailed under the false pretense of being one of the Company’s employees or administrators ⑧ If it is objectively recognized to be related to a crime ⑨ If a user collects or saves the personal information of other users without the Company’s approval ⑩ If infringing on other related legislation
Chapter 4 Service Use
Article 11 (Provision of Information)
1. The Company may provide various information recognized as necessary while using Services to users or members by notification, email, or any other methods.
2. The Company may use collected personal information to provide convenient and various Services and may perform advertising or marketing activities by email, TM (Telemarketing), DM (Direct Mail), SMS (Short Message Service), and any other methods. In such an event, you may refuse unwanted Services through email and other methods at any time.
Article 12 (Fees and Paid Information, etc.)
1. Both free Services and paid Services are available from the Company. For the paid information provided separately by the Company and affiliated companies, it is available for use by paying the amount specified in the information.
Article 13 (Posts of Users or Members)
If the Company determines that any of the following subparagraphs apply to the contents of services posted or registered by users or members, the contents may be deleted without prior notice.
① If the honor of other users, members, or a third party has been damaged by slander ② Content that violates public order and morals ③ If it is recognized to be related to a crime ④ If the contents infringe the copyright of the Company or a third party ⑤ If exceeding the limited duration of posts defined by the Company ⑥ If pornographic contents have been posted on message boards or a pornographic website address has been linked to ⑦ If a post is not relevant to the purpose of a message board ⑧ If the Company considers it against related legislation
Article 14 (Copyright on Posts)
1. Copyrighted content posted on the Services by members belongs to its respective owner. The posts will be subject to related legislation, and the member who posted the content shall be responsible in the event of a legal dispute caused by infringement of the copyright.
2. Users or members should not use materials posted on the Services commercially, including processing and selling information acquired from the Services
3. Members agree to grant the Company nonexclusive rights of use for their own created or registered posts to allow the Company to use them for operating, promoting, and other necessary acts for the Services and agree not to request fees for them.
4. Even after members leave the Company, the Company will retain the right to use the posts by the members according to Paragraph 3 of this Article.
① Acts of reproducing, showing, or distributing members’ posts in the service of a company operating a related site, and acts of producing compilations and derivative works ② If affiliated business operators for Internet shopping, communication services, manufacturing, wholesale and retail, communication, business services, education services, entertainment, culture, exercise, or any other specialized contents or businesses will be able to be provided or to use posts. In such an event, personal information of members will not be given.
5. If the company determines that its members publish or Article 13 for the contents of each issue, to publish information in the registration service, you can delete or refuse to move or registration without prior notice
Article 15 (Advertising Posts and Transactions with Advertisers)
1. Some parts of the Service are based on investment from companies that gain revenue from ads displayed by the Services. By agreeing to use the Services, the user or member also agrees to allow the display of advertising.
2. The Company will not be held responsible for any losses or damage resulting from participation, communication, or transactions of users or members with advertisers’ promotions which are published on or through the Services.
Article 16 (Usage time or Services)
1. The Service should be available at any time except when there is a special hindrance caused by the Company’s business or for a technical reason. However, there is an exception for interruptions scheduled by the Company for the purpose of regular inspections, etc.
2. The Company may divide the Services by certain ranges and decide an available time for each range separately. In such a case, prior notice will be given
Article 17 (Responsibility of Services Use)
Users or members should not perform business activities to sell products using the Services (especially hacking, commercial advertising, commercial activity through pornographic websites, illegal distribution of common use software, etc.) unless approved by an authorized employee of the Company. The Company shall not be held responsible for results and losses of such business activities, such as legal action and arrest by the authorities.
Article 18 (Discontinuing Services Provision, etc.)
1. For free Services, the Company may amend or suspend part or all of the Services if necessary.
2. The Company may suspend Services if any parts of the following subparagraph apply.
① Unavoidable cases caused by construction such as repairing service facilities ② If a key telecommunications business operator defined by the Telecommunications Business Act has suspended telecommunications service ③ If provision of Services is difficult or an uncontrollable reason occurred according to the Company’s circumstances
3. The Company may suspend part or all of the Services in the event of a normal Service interruption caused by a national emergency, blackout, trouble with service facilities, or slowdown of the Services.
Chapter 5 Termination and Limitations
Article 19 (Contract Termination and Usage Restrictions)
1. If a member intends to terminate the use contract, the member must apply to leave the Company online.
2. The Company may cancel or suspend use of Services without prior notice if users or members engage in any of the actions described in the following subparagraph.
① If others’ personal information, member ID/password have been used ② If registered name is not the applicant’s real name ③ If one user registered with another member ID ④ If someone’s honor has been damaged or a disadvantage to someone has been caused ⑤ If intellectual property rights of the Company, other users or members, or a third party have been infringed ⑥ If contents that infringe public order and morals have been distributed intentionally ⑦ If a user or member planned or performed a use of the Services to infringe national interests or public social interests ⑧ If operation of the Services has been intentionally disrupted ⑨ If a large volume of information or advertising information has been forwarded to disturb the stable operation of the Services ⑩ If distribution of computer virus programs, etc. causes the failure of telecommunications facilities or destruction of information ⑪ If a correction request has been made by an external organization such as the Korea Internet Safety Commission or an authoritative interpretation has been given by the National Election Commission related to any illegal campaigning ⑫ If information provided by the Company’s Services information has been distributed or used commercially without the Company’s prior approval ⑬ If pornographic contents have been posted on message boards or a pornographic website address has been linked to ⑭ If any terms and conditions set forth by other organizations (including this agreement) have been infringed
Chapter 6 Compensation for Damages and Others
Article 20 (Compensation for Damages)
1. The Company will not be held responsible for any damages caused while using the free Services. However, the Company will be responsible in the event of damages caused by the Company’s intentional or gross negligence. However, there is no liability for users or members who do not use the free service.
2. The Company will not be held responsible for any goods or services provided by affiliated companies.
Article 21 (Exemption Provisions)
1. The Company does not guarantee that the Services will be provided free of faults. The Company acknowledges that users or members may sustain unpredictable losses caused by dissemination of viruses, distribution of illegal information, or others during use of the Services. The Company will not be held responsible for any losses unless they have been caused by the Company’s intentional or gross negligence.
2. The Company will not be held responsible for any troubles attributable to users or members that occur while using the Services.
3. The Company will not be held responsible for the loss of expected benefits from using the Services or damages caused by materials from the Services
4. The Company will not be held responsible for information, materials, reliability of facts, accuracy, lawfulness, safety, etc. of the posts made by users or members.
5. The Company will only be responsible for losses of users or members that occur as a result of the Company’s intentional or gross negligence.
Article 22 (A Competent Court)
If a lawsuit is raised regarding a dispute while using the Services, the competent court of the Company’s headquarter site will be the exclusive competent court. [Supplementary Provision] (effective date) This agreement will be effective from September 1, 2016. (1) Collected Items and Methods of Personal Information (a) Collected Items of Personal Information C-Cube International collects the below personal information for member application, smooth consultation, and providing various Services. Name, ID, password, email address, home address, telephone number, mobile number, member type (b) Methods to collect personal information C-Cube International collects personal information only when users provide the information voluntarily and specifically. (2) Purpose of Personal Information Collection and Use C-Cube International uses collected personal information only for the following purposes. (a) Member management Service limited to members according to restrictive identification system requiring personal identification, preventing illegal and unapproved use by unauthorized users, confirming signup requests, and restricting joining and number of signups (3) Retention and Usage Period of Personal Information C-Cube International retains and uses personal information from the point of application to the point of cancellation.