Educational training


Do you want to expand on your existing knowledge of Semi-Permanent Makeup training or learn the newest trends?
People, who finish the basic curriculum of EYEDROW or who is not satisfied with the study from other school, consider taking a class of EYEDROW’s contour makeup class advanced (DROWRIST Lv2)

The only way to create the maximum profit is to let customers know your value by increasing their satisfaction.
If you want to achieve the desired techniques, you should challenge your true potential to succeed.

Training Audience

Eyedrow Permanent Makeup Basic Course (Level 1)

Training Period

20 hours (pure training time excluding private practice time)

(Four hours a day of training and private classes, taking individual characteristics into account, and three days of preferred training distributed to suit individual schedule)

Training Topics

  • Removal, color modification, drawing technique, upper lip and eyeliner, face analysis, highlight, and hairline procedure technique

  • Brand, trademark usage agreement, co-marketing. Establishment and consultation of branch / beauty shop / academy computer management system

Graduation Benefits

Providing seminar discount ticket for education

Training Costs

$ 2,080

Training Convenience and Facilities

  • Necessary materials, including equipment, pigments, rubber plate, clothes, skincare products, and hair materials, will be given at no extra charge

  • Meals : Lunch will be given during the training period

  • Rest and Relax : Relaxing on the EYEDROW terrace under the shade of persimmon trees with a cup of Americano from Coffee in EYEDROW will make you feel pleasant and comfortable during the training.

Certification after Completion of the Training


After-Service upon Completion

What is your dream for the process of becoming a professional? A DROWRIST's future is EYEDROW's future. EYEDROW wishes we grow up together. We support you with technic and know-how of business and skills.

  • Support a graduate student with job-offering domestic and overseas, business consulting, and online marketing and usage of EYEDROW and D.STUDIO brand is.

Register for Training Consultation and Reservation

If you have any questions about permanent make-upl training, click [Consultation & Reservation] below with preferred training type and date.
We will reply as soon as possible.

For your customers, consider if you have an enough skill to describe a delicate eye-line and natural front head. It’s really important to make eyebrows that suit on her face. Make a good design for her asymmetrical lips and taper lip. Check it has a right color reaction you want from colorant you use.

You can learn how to use the usage of colorants and applied use of colors as a professional with EYEDROW makeup academy.