Educational training


The BASIC course, which is the foundation course of Eyedrow semi-permanent cosmetic institute, is suitable for beauty shop, semi-permanent makeup freelancer, overseas employment, international travel instructor, and planning overseas business.

You can get all the necessary know-how to express naturalness through EYEDROW Academy's own digital dot technique.

Training Period

40 hours

(8 hours a day / 5 days training)

Training Topics

  • What is Permanent Makeup?
    The Definition, Advantage, trend, Regulations of Permanent Makeup / Fresh Color Coloring Regularity and Process / Prize and Revenue Point

  • Precautions
    Before, During and After procedure / Customer database / Procedure Agreement

  • Skin Structure & Hygienic
    Skin Structure / Function / Regeneration Period / Allergy / Sterilization

  • Pigment
    How to choose a color for your customer? / Coloring Plan / Feature of Pigment
    Recommend Blending Plans

  • Designing Course
    Facial Shape Theory / Eyebrows Patterns / Lips Patterns / Case Study

  • Eyebrow Technique
    Basic Drawing Technique of Eyeborw, Liner and Lips / Trendy Eyebrow Designing / Case Study / Old & Faded Eyebrow Modification / EYEDROW Patterned FOB504 Technique

  • Eyeliner Techniques
    Eyeliner Procedure Spot / Usage of Machine Needles / Procedure Precautions & Coloring Principle

  • Lips
    Lips Line Designing / Lips procedure techniques / Procedure tools / Lips procedure after-care & precautions

  • Trainer Demonstration
    Trainer demonstrate procedure flow / Precaution etc. of permanent makeup for trainees

  • Mannequin Test
    Trainee finish test with eyebrow, lips and eyeliner technique on mannequin independently

  • Trainee Model Course
    Under trainer’s observation and instruction, trainee finish one permanent makeup procedure on a model(Trainee should find model independently)

  • Marketing Introduction for Permanent Makeup
    Caulsulting / Custermer manengment / Market Promotion method

Training Costs


Training Convenience and Facilities

  • Necessary materials, including equipment, pigments, rubber plate, clothes, skincare products, and hair materials, will be given at no extra charge

  • Meals : Lunch will be given during the training period

  • Rest and Relax : Relaxing on the EYEDROW terrace under the shade of persimmon trees with a cup of Americano from Coffee in EYEDROW will make you feel pleasant and comfortable during the training.

Certification after Completion of the Training


After-Service upon Completion

EYEDROW's philosophy is based on "supporting trainees' stable technique," and we support our trainees until they become the greatest technicians in the beauty field.

  • Getting opportunities to practice with solid skills is important. Use of the practice room for individuals will be free of charge for two months after the completion of training, and supplementary training will be provided if needed.

  • Permanent makeup shop in Korea and overseas We have a program to support overseas advancement for those who have a certain career after completing employment, lecture, dispatch, start-up, and education (contact the Education Division)

Register for Training Consultation and Reservation

If you have any questions about permanent make-upl training, click [Consultation & Reservation] below with preferred training type and date.

We will reply as soon as possible.

You will learn all the basic techniques to be a conture Makeup artist: how to accurately realize an understanding of style, designing and consulting a suitable shape, hygiene, procedure, perfect treatment process, color, modification, and revision technique of unwanted color as a makeup artist.

Eyderow permanent cosmetology institute will limit the number of students per class and increase the value of their education through environmentally friendly educational environment..