Educational training

Royal Master Instructor Course

If you are a graduate of Pro Tinter (lv. 1), Tint Master Courses (lv. 2), and ultimate (lv. 3), you are eligible to apply for GLASSTINT's TRAINER(Royal Master) LICENSE.
Upon completing the training, detailed consultation and career guidance will be given that will be helpful to plan your future, as you will be able to participate in internal and external activities.

Training Audience

Graduates of basic (Level 1), advanced (Level 2), and Paramedica (Level 3) training

Training Costs


Certification after Completion of the Training

TRAINER course_Royalmaster license

Register for Training Consultation and Reservation

If you have any questions about permanent make-upl training, click [Consultation & Reservation] below with preferred training type and date.
We will reply as soon as possible.

With special lectures regarding etiquette, lecture method, developing a professional training curriculum, and counseling psychology, you will be a professional who can be in charge of training developers.

After completing the permanent makeup training, consultation for the future and careers will be provided that will help you to plan for the future as a brand partner.