GLASSTINT for the good of bus riders!

Hello we’re GLASSTINT.

A special client came to GLASSTINT.

He came for a second installation.

Surprisingly, he did not come with a small sedan,

but with a cute bus!

We thought it might be for business reasons,

but he said he bought a secon car for his beloved family and employees. 

Then, the consultation for the films to be used in this bus started.


The Grand Starex and Carnival 

aren’t even comparable to this bus.

This bus just needs the same driving license as the cars mentioned above.

The customer decided to install the PEB film

for an optimum heat blocking and a good looking exterior.

Windshield : PEB 40%

Rear and sides : PEB 15%

GLASSTINT’s beautiful film

PEB (Purple Emerald Blue)

It’s a unique film that changes colors depending on the angle.

Just like a chameleon!

It functions both as fashion and as a high performance tinting film.

It is not just beauty.

UV ray blocking 99%

IR ray blocking 85%

It has the optimum heat blocking function,

as a premium film must have.

Some may worry about whether color influences visibility.

As showed in the photograph,

in the interior, the colors don’t vary as in the exterior.

The visibility of the film is great.

PEB looks more beautiful outdoors.

That is because it’s made of numerous dichroic filters

which meet with the sun and make the film colorful.

Then, we adhere a GLASSTINT metallic sticker.

Our customers’ and GLASTINT’s pride.

Typically, we spend 4 hours installing the films .

But for this bus, we spent more.

We worked in a clean environment with no dust,

 and we installedt the high-level installation films.