Traveling Windows Tinting Shop_ What’s up” Texas Usa ep1.

In our first episode, we travel from Incheon Airport to San Francisco, and from there to Texas. One day of travel and eat. And finally arrived at the first tinting shop we will visit during our trip, Authentic Details.

What is "What's up"?

Through the new 'What’s up' series, we want to show you our daily life as professional window tinters. We think is important to share with customers what are we doing to create a bond between us. On Glasstint Global Instagram account we get a lot of positive comments about our way of making window tinting and of course, we want to share that in a more detailed way.

As many of you know, we are based in Seoul, South Korea. This is great for becoming a window tinting expert because Korea is one of the most difficult markets in the world. Not only is there very tough competition around, but consumers are highly demanding.

However, because we are a worldwide window tinting brand, we also travel around the world to discover how is window tinting market in different countries. We already traveled to the United Arab Emirates and Italy to tint United Nations bulletproof vehicles, and this time we decided to visit Texas in the USA.

Why Texas, USA

If you want to know more about window tinting industry, you need to visit USA, that was clear to us. But, what State?

We studied which State would be perfect to know more about car window tinting. Finally, we decided it will be Texas.

Texas is the second-largest state in the United States by area (after Alaska) and population (after California), and because it is located in the South Central region, most areas of Texas see consistent summer high temperatures in the 90 °F (32 °C) range. That means most of car owners decide to install window tinting on their vehicles for protection against the sun.

"What's up" Texas, USA Tour Episode 1. Departure

In our first episode, we travel from Incheon Airport to San Francisco, and from there to Texas. During one day we travel and eat, and the next day morning we visit the first shop, Authentic Details.

Incheon International Airport (ICN) is the largest airport in South Korea. Since 2005, it has been rated the best airport worldwide by Airports Council International every year.

It is also rated as the world's cleanest airport and the world's best international transit airport? Amazing, right?

After a long flight, we arrived at San Francisco Airport. But that wasn't our final destination. From there we had to fly to Texas.

But we were hungry and we had to wait 3 hours to the next flight so we decided to go out for something to eat.

First meal in USA: Lobster

It was a little bit hard to eat and a bit salty but it tasted really good. Usually, when Koreans travel outside South Korea, they feel that every food is salty. Do you know why? Korean food is well balanced and healthy so they don't use salt on their dishes. Instead of salt, they use garlic, onion, pepper, and kimchi.

Also, we had a little time to relax and talk about the next day's plans.

After that, we went back to San Francisco Airport and took a plane to Texas Airport. Because we had to travel around the big State of Texas, we decided to rent a car. It was a surprise for us when we meet Tania, the rental car company employee. She was planning to visit South Korea next month!

From there we drove to our hotel and after a good sleep we woke up really excited about our first shop visit. But first, breakfast. They said is the most important meal of the day, right? We chose Mexican food for our first breakfast in the USA.

It was time to drive to Authentic Details, in Austin.

Because Texas is huge, it took us a while to arrive. To the point that we were hungry again! Time to eat something.

If you visit the USA, you must eat a hamburger at least once! It was a really nice meal. Ok, now we are ready to go back to the store.

Why Authentic Details?

Authentic Details is one of the most important car service shops in Texas where they have a premium window tinting service. It is located in Dallas, one of the most important cities in Texas. If you want to know more about Authentic Details, stay tuned for our new What's Up Glasstint post. We will tell you in detail why this shop is amazing and what we learned about their window tinting methods.

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