Porsche Macan came to GLASSTINT for a windshield tinting

The owner of Porsche Macan came to GLASSTINT for a windshield tinting. 

Let’s figure out if PEB’s colorfulness goes well with the Macan.

This PEB film our customer chose,

changes color depending on the angle view (purple, emerald, blue)

[Windshield PEB 40%]

As it can be seen in the photograph above,

the colors look differente at each angle.

It is the best film for those who like sporty looks.

It also fits well this Porsche Macan. Right?

PEB not only has a unique color,

but also has a bright and clear visibility.

Furthermore, it is made non-metallic,

and that means it doesn’t have elevtromagnetical interference.

Thus, there are no problems using electronics.

So don’t worry about the film anymore, and freely use the devices in the car.

A clean space, the best film, and the most experienced installation!!

Enjoy it, right now.