Premium Master Shop Opening Guide

Change your life through the GLASSTINT Automobile Window Tinting system.

The Premium Master shop is one of the systems of the GLASSTINT window tinting brand. We treat the window film as a major item, we are equipped with a masterful technology and a customer-responsive store, and we meet various customer requirements. Based on a B2B and B2C computer program done through advanced work we offer an automobile tinting that can be applied to the reality of each country in any continent. We provide you a guide to establish a Premium Master shop, which is a group of professional technicians based on a systematized premium tinting management, reservation management, customer management, and ERP spread in every aspect of the tinting work.

Do you want to make money? The first thing you need to do is to meet a tinting brand that will increase your value.

  • Technology
  • Customer response
  • After-sales service
  • Advertising
  • Qualifications


What customers want is to be able to trust, and that trust comes from objective, transparent technical skills.To open a Premium Master store, you must comply with the upward standardized technology policy. Of course, it is crucial to take a GLASSTINT Master Training course and it is also necessary to increase the satisfaction level of the demanding customer base, regarding tinting technology. A professional engineer or business representative with such a spirit of a technician will be entitled to a premium master tinting store.

Customer response

What is essential is a place for the car and a space for the driver of the vehicle.A Glasstint Premium Master tinting store must have resting facilities for customers, and the place must be spacious to provide a safe and comfortable working place for the customer’s vehicle. Ensure the customer’s vehicle can stay in a safe and spacious working place. Having a spare room to drink coffee while watching the car being worked up will give a bigger pleasure to the customer. The response corresponding to a premium customer begins in these places.

After-sales service

The After-sales service is as important as the film quality.A window film is semi-finished, not finished. The person who completes the product is a tinting technician. However, as the characteristics and the technologies that each technician applies are different, the customer also demands various building qualities. Perhaps it is GLASSTINT’s customized after-sales service what respects the customer’s eye rather than the technician’s viewpoint. The after-sales service is as important as attracting new customers. Anyone who knows the importance of it can be the protagonist of GLASSTINT”s tinting store partner.


Billboard advertising
The trademark logo is not the most important factor that has to be shown in a brand. However, it is necessary to place the GLASSTINT brand logo in a visually effective spot. The ones that are able to bring the sales using that sort of publicity effect can be the owner of a GLASSTINT Premium Master shop. 
Internet Advertising
Promotional materials are provided to whom perform Internet advertising after becoming a GLASSTINT Premium Master shop partner.
The disign sources for the original logo design, brand promotional printouts, and web design will be provided as well. Please contact your local supplier or headquarters any time. 
Email: [email protected]



Qualifications and conditions
1. Target of recruitment
   – A professional car window tinting technician who is planning to start a business
   – A tinting brand company that can change the billboard as Premium Master tinting shop

2. Target country, city
   – GLASSTINT is an international brand established to set bridgehead around the world.
       There are no restrictions opening our stores on specific countries or specific cities.

3. Store condition
   – At least 100m2 shops and parking facilities over 40m2

4. Store opening assistant
   Mobile phone + 82-10-4274-5522
  Email : [email protected]

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