How GLASSTINT proceeds with a premium tinting film instalation with an Audi Q5.

Today’s protagonist is the Audi Q5.

It’s a great SUV with no doubts.

The best quality film will be used for the installation.

The place where you can install

the best quality heat-blocking film is GLASSTINT.

So our customer came here with his Q5.

First, we park the car in the place of installation.

We went to the VIP lounge with our customer

for a detailed consultation about the heat-blocking film.

We tested the heat blocking percentage and visibility of the film.

After deciding, through the consultation, the films to be installed,

we headed to the cafe we have in our center.

We offered some drinks and delicious chocolates,

so that the costumer could feel comfortable during the installation.

Our customers can watch the installation

while having such a delicious drink. 🙂

Then, the installation of the tinting film begun.

Our customer’s installation history is as follows:

Windshield : Shure 40%

Sides door windows : Shure 20%

Rear glass : Shure 40%

The tinting film installed in the windshield

is a GLASSTINT’s representative film named Shure.

Our customer’s density choice was 40%.

GLASSTINT’s Shure is a great film that blocks 95% IR rays,

and, made with super clear fabric, brings clear visibility.

Visibility is as important as the heat-blocking rate.

The side glasses are Shure as well.

The density is a 20% for privacy.

Sure 20% has a dark blue tone.

It suites perfectly with the body of Q5!

When choosing a film, it is important to think about the color as well

so that it helps upgrade the looking of the exterior.

The rear glass is a Shure as well, and it’s a 40%.

Because of safety, it is necessary to choose a film

with clear visibility for the back side as well.

And, we are finished with the installation!

We spent nearly 4 hours for a meticulous and perfect installation,

but the costumer kept his place

having drinks and conversing with professionals.

Tinting film + Installation technique + Service

How about coming to GLASSTINT that perfectly meets all the conditions?

The result is the recompense. 🙂