Glasstint Window Tinting Films – Pender Series

GLASSTINT is a Korean brand of premium window tinting films for vehicles. Our products are now present in over 300 shops all over Korea and making their way overseas.

Today we want to talk about Pender, our most popular film overseas. With Pender film, you can have a premium tinting film at an affordable price. Discover why this film is loved by all our partners around the world.

pender tinting film

Characteristics of Pender tinting film

Pender is different from other films you may know. We developed this film based on our 25 years of window tinting experience.

  • This film is a carbon-based ceramic film. Unlike general dyed films, carbon has strong durability that lasts for a long time.
  • Pender's clear visibility feeling is thanks to Glasstint's film design and world-class producing technology. The customer satisfaction rate is at the highest-level about transparency because we apply a 20~30% higher standard compared to the USA's high-class brands about the smoothness of the film.
  • As the production mechanism is based on Pender's production point durability and visibility, base film and glue are smoother than the general USA produced film.
  • All of our films have 30% more slippery and strong coating on the exposed surface of the film than all other products'. This is Pender's specialty to prevent scratch.

You can check Pender's specs in this PDF.

Recommendations during Pender tinting film installation

Because Pender is different, there are some recommendations that you need to know before installing this film.

  1. Be careful when dealing with the film roll. As the surface of the film is more slippery than other films, if you don't hold the end of the roll with hand, the roll can be unrolled. You must hold one end while lifting it, especially when you first pull it from the box.
  2. While installing, we recommend using tinting specialized liquid Orgar.
    Never use the shampoo or dishwashing cleanser. This will decrease the lifetime of the film and fasten the change and discoloration. Please use Orgar or another tinting specialized liquid.
    Orgar is the best fit for Glasstint's tinting. We sell it on our website by a bottle of 4L.
    If there is no Orgar, you can buy Tint slime.
orgar tinting slime

Window tinting installations with Pender

Pender tinting film is now in more than 300 shops and is installed in multiple cars everyday. These are some examples of cars tinting with Pender film.

You can read more about Pender film installation cases on our blog.

Using Pender film on residential window tinting

Pender film can be also be used on residential window tinting. We have some recommendations if you are planning to use it in a building or a house.

  1. The normal capacity of Orgar for car tinting is 25~30ml in a 1L water bottle. But when residential window tinting, it changes depending on the degree and weather. In a hot region, you can use 40ml.
  2. The installation should be done by a residential window tinting technician. In case of residential installation, as there is lots of dust on the window frame. The experience and ability to control dust are necessary.
  3. When installing residential tinting, an experienced installer, with the understanding of each window frame and structure of the window frame's packing, needs to cut-off the film to make sure there is no gap between the window and packing.
  4. The rest of the installation process is not different than the general window film installation process.

If you want to know more about Pender, visit Pender product page.